Chassis Battery Question for 2009 Fleetwood Discovery

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Jul 25, 2009
I've looked in the forum for the answer to this question, but have not found an answer for my motorhome.

When hooked up to shore power, is the chassis battery charged? If so, can I find out how it is doing voltage-wise in electrical panel somewhere? Thank you.
I can't imagine that a late model Fleetwood wouldn't have a converter/charger or inverter/charger. Your coach probably has a "traffic signal" red/yellow/green status meter, but for more information, you should get yourself a digital meter. You can test the battery state right at the 12VDC distribution panel.

I can assure you that your discovery is designed to charge both the house and chassis batteries from shore power.  Whether or not it is actually happening, I can't say, except you would probably be having problems starting the coach if it weren't.

There are several systems available to monitor your batteries available, ranging from simple digital volt meters, costing $20/$30, up to sophisticated monitors costing several hundred dollars.

At a minimum, your coach should currently be equipped with a series of lights representing the status (voltage level) of your batteries.  These lights are probably located near your water storage tank readouts.
The chassis batteries on my Holiday Rambler were not being charged while on shore power for some reason. I purchased a small device called a Trik-L-Charge. Works really well and very easy to hook up. Now all my batteries are charged right up. Has to be better for the batteries as well.
[As Lou has already said] Fleetwood Class A coaches such as the OP's Discovery always charge the chassis battery from shore power or generator. It's just the way Fleetwood designs things. Other manufacturers often do not provide that function, or provide it only in selected brands/models.
My 2006 Fleetwood Expedition control panel (over the entry door) with a Xantrex inverter looked like this and when it was functioning correctly maintained a charge on the chassis batteries when hooked to shore power.



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Thanks everyone for at least verifying the chassis battery should be charged. Now I need to find where on the electrical panel it shows me that it is charging.

Verify that the DC system isolation is connected.  My MH WILL NOT charge the coach or the chassis batteries unless the DC system is connected to the coach battery buss.  JM2?...
You may not have a status display for the chassis batteries - I know my 2004 American Coach does not. I turn the ignition key on but do not start the engine and use the dash display to read the normal chassis battery voltage.

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