Chemicals in holding tank?

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I don't and it hasn't been a problem. But something you never want to do is have the bath exhaust fan turned on when you flush. It will pull the odor right into your face, especially if there are no open windows or doors in your rv.

But if you have a sensitive nose or the waste plumbing isn't sealed tightly, it may be something you'd want to use. I'd say if you have a problem with odors, try some to find out if it helps.

As has been stated many times on this forum, the only chemical that is necessary is water!  And plenty of it.  I quit using other chemicals about twenty years ago and have a much better smelling system now and much easier to take care of.  PLENTY of water!
We have been full time since July and have never added anything to the tanks. I do drain and flush everytime they are full . The past three years when part time we still never added anything just water.....and not drain and flush till full...
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