Cherokee vs. Jayco

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Jun 1, 2005
We are looking to purchase a 5th wheel and the two we are looking at are the Jayco 2005 Jay Flight 27.5 and the Cherokee 285 B Plus.  Can I have some suggestions and comparisons for either of these two brands? 
I just purchased a Jayco 27.5 and love it.  The only warning is that the bath tub, lavatory sink, and toilet all dump in the black water tank.  My dealer is working on getting this corrected, nothing guaranteed yet.  For the money, I found this was best deal.  I've had it three weeks now and been out 4 times (on a month long vacation).  I paid $15,850.00.  Hope this helps.

I'm looking for people who have purchased and camped with Trailers from "forest river" particularly their Cherokee  models--
we have been cross country 3 times, and our 1993 Fleetwood  " Wilderness" 29S  is no longer produced of the quality that they were........
Our rig is in good shape, but we no longer need the bunk beds. The kids grew up.
The  Cherokee looks good, but I would like to here from other owners.

Our daughter has a Forest River trailer, although I don't recall which model. She's had the trailer for roughly 5 years and has been very happy with it. My wife and I sleep in the trailer when we visit and I've been impressed with the cabinetry and internal trim. The only thing I found a little strange was the second door (in the bedroom) - the bed is virtually up against the door.
I'm looking very closely at a Cherokee travel tailer purchase.  Does anyone have any experience with the Cherokee brand?  I called the Cherokee factory today and was very impressed with their ability to answer my questions.
Brian & Jake,

Cherokees are OK but not the best of the bunch. I would like to caution you about the "skylights" in the slideout on some models. DO NOT go for them!! Every one I have seen has come back with leaks. They use a tape such as Eternabond but not as good. There are always wrinkles after application. Consequently there are always leaks.

Draining the lavatory gray waste to the balack tank is a technique used in some rigs to balance the capacities of black & gray tank. It may be that your trailer did not have room for a large gray tank but did have room for a good-sized black tank, so they shifted some of the load to the black tank.  Most people fill the gray much faster than the black anyway.

What's important is the tank capacities and your usage habits. If you take a lot of showers and aren't particular water conservative when doing so, you need a lot of tank capacity, regardless of which tank it goes to.
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