Chevy 454 on class c

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Jul 8, 2005
Hi, new to forum.? We are thinking about buying a 2000 class c Chateau 30 ft with a chevy 454 engine. 48000 miles

Does anyone know of any engine problems with this type of engine or anything that we should be aware of with a motorhome of this make?  Thanks for your wisdom.  Stell
The Chev 454 and the Ford 460 are the standard on gas powered motorhomes.

Woody said:
The Chev 454 and the Ford 460 are the standard on gas powered motorhomes.


Not any more, Today it's the Chevy "Standard" is the 8.1 liter Vortec,  I think that is 494 CI

(At least on the Workehorse W series) and I can tell you that's one Honking engine

Engine turns out about 455 Ft Lbs of torque, and 335 HP as needed

The ads say it's the most powerful engine used in RV's.  The larger Ford Triton V-10 has 450 HP (Same torque) but far as I can tell is not currently being used in Motor Homes... They do put it in things like an F-150 for some reason I can't understand.  (That's way too much power for an f-150, you would need at least an F-450 to need that king of power) but they don't use it in Motor Homes

Sign me "Glad I have a Chevy Chassis (ok, Workhorse but it's close enough)
I've seen the Ford V-10 in the Class C's I looked at.  That's where they're putting them.  I have not seen the V-10 in the F-150, but is quite common in the F-250 and F-350.  It's the engine you get when you need more than the 5.4L and can't afford the 6.0 PSD!
Thanks to a repair that took longer than expected on my mini-van I've driven, Recently, Ford and Chrysler pickup trucks

I have things I liked about both, and things I did not

Ford: Better seat belts

Chrysler: Better handeling, held the road better, not nearly as scarry to drive

Guess which one I would rather drive (Chrysler)

I did not get to try a GM,  I have driven older GM pick ups, and liked them
The Chevy 454 powers thousands of motorhomes built in the 80's and early-mid 90's and is generally a reliable engine.  Can you identify the chassis the Chateu is built upon?  Probably one of the Chevy vans or pick-ups, seeing that it is a Class C.

The concern with Class C's is that the coach builder tends to put too much coach on the size of chassis in use.  Make sure the rig will still be within its GVWR and GCWR when loaded for the road and passengers aboard.
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