child car seat help

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Our granddaughters' seats (Two different models) fit the copilots seat and the couch seatbelts.
I'm guessing you are talking about the type of child seat that is anchored by a seat belt?

Few child seats are designed to be effective unless they are either  forward-facing or rear-facing, so that eliminates any seat belt positions that are on the sides of the RV, e.g. the typical RV sofa.  Some RVs have dinette seats that have seat belts, though that is less common because of the proxiity of the dinette table.  The table should probably be removed (many are designed for eack take-down) if you want to use the dinette seat.

You may want to consider adding a seat belt, perhaps in the floor of the center aisle, specifically to anchor a child seat. A bolt through the floor with a large (3 inch?) washer or backing plate on the underside will hold it nicely.  It usually isn't too hard to add such a belt, as long as you are somewhat flexible about the exact location.
We have 2 child seats in our class C 29'.  as others have said, the dinnette is the best place to set them.  we remove and store the table in the rear of the rig.  we use the standard seatbelts currently to attach them and no issues.
LATCH:  I am probably going to buy and install LATCH mounts on the seats because they are safer and more secure than lapbelts.  it shouldnt be too tough as the seats are bolted to the chasis pretty well (steel reinforced and everything). 

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