class A lists, or tilts, to passenger side

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Dec 21, 2009
2012 Damon Challenger. 36 FR model. Recently noticed listing on passengef side. Tech checked it and states that there are blocks under front and back springs. Should they be removed? Tech says it will level the unit. The tilt is slightly more than an inch. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave in FL.
You say "Recently" That leads me to think about how the unit is loaded first. The springs can and will settle but I would really take a close look at loading first. If the load is not causing it, then look into removing the blocks.

Once you get the issue straight, hopefully under warranty, I would consider adding a set of air bags. Then you can adjust the pitch and roll as needed and get that smooth air ride ride!!!!
When we first got our coach I noticed the big mud flap on the rear was closer to the road on the passenger side.(2007 Winnebago Journey 36G) After measuring from the frame to the road I found the coach was lower on that side by almost an inch.They have put a lot of weight on that side (basement air which has two compressors, five large batteries, a ten gallon water heater and a large propane tank) all located in the rear passenger side. I noticed also that the tires on the rear passenger side run almost twenty degrees hotter because of this. I increased the air in all four rear tires from 95 psi to 110 psi and it cooled everything down. I try not to load too much onto that side. Just a thought..
If the coach is loaded, weight the unit FIRST.  Get a four corner weight.  I took my Challenger to a truck spring shop.  They added new leaves to the passenger side to level the coach.  I then had the spring do an aligned.  Some of the better money spent after the 5 Star Tune.  JM2?...

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