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Lee Pilon

Jul 12, 2005
I have a 1994 Holiday Rambler Vacationer that does not have leveling jacks or stableizers on it.  When inside the coach moving around we get some rocking.  I have seen some stableizers in Camping World and at Wal-Mart.  The kind that I am speaking of are a trangular shape with a screw top.  I believe that these are made more for travel trailers and pop-ups but was wondering if I might be able to use these on my coach just to stop the bouncing.  Can anyone that has used these type stableizers or anyone that has any suggestions please post asap, we are planning a trip this weekend. 

Thanks and happy traveling to all,
Lee Pilon
Two part answer:

1: To answer the question ask, Will they work,, YES, however you need to be careful about placement

Those screw top triangular jacks are universial, the only thing you need to concern yourself is where you put them (make sure they go somewhere that is designed to be supported by them) and their weight capacity (If the rig is too heavy the stand collaspes, not really a dangerous situtation normally as you never lift the wheels off the ground.

2: I saw one class A owner who did not have power jacks who went to your favorite RV store (Well his anyway) and bought a set of four trailer toung jacks, the kind where you pull the bail and rotate them 90 degrees (so the jack is parrallel to the ground) to drive and pull it again and rotate them back down when you set up... These are crank operated and that's how he levels his class-a

Myself... Mine came with power jacks    But I used the screw jacks in days of old when I was bold and the rig was a trailer

Thanks for your response to my questions.  I don't really plan to lift the vehicle with the jacks just take away the bouncing when moving about.  I hope to upgrade to a newer model soon and will be looking for a unit with levelers.

Thanks again,
As I said, you need to be carefull about placement, (They need to be under the frame, not body or suspension but the frame)

And I did not think you were planing on changing tires with them :),  But alas, one has to include those kinds of warnings now days

By the way... They make them big enough to hold the tire off the ground... They simply cost more
Yeah, I have a set that I use to work on my cars with, along with a floor jack.  I also plan to use some type of base to place the jacks on, don't want them sinking into the ground.

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