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Mar 12, 2006
I recently moved from Denver CO to Atlanta GA to live in the same area as my girlfriend and have been trying to find a place to live.
I've had a bit of trouble finding a place and for about a week now, I've been living out of my car. Granted, it sucks. But it occurred
to me- "Hey, I'm not paying rent, I don't have roommates or a landlord to worry about, I'm completely free.. I could almost make a lifestyle out of this." So I just thought I'd ask you guys/gals what kind of camper van I should consider. The first thing that came to mind was an old orange VW bus my dad used to drive. ("The Great Pumpkin" as we called it.) It had a bed, a little range, fridge, toilette and a tiny shower I believe. Really, this would be perfect for me if I hadn't heard so many horror stories about the VW bus's tendency to.. well.. break down every mile or two. So I guess I'm looking for a reliable alternative in the "Class B" category. Are there a couple models out there that are widely known by RV enthusiasts and Consumer Report-ish publications to be a good choice for people on a budget? I did a couple Googles for class B RV reviews, ratings, comparisons ect but didn't come up with much. Anyone have any suggestions? Also, what would I have to be looking at spending for a good used model?
There are so many variables in personal wants and needs that it is nearly impossible to recommend a "right" one for an individual.  The Gulfstream BT Cruiser is a popular model but it's about halfway between a B and a C.  A bit more living room than the usual B but also a larger vehicle, closer to a small "C".  If you really want a van-size vehicle, you are probably looking at Roadtrek, Pleasure Way (see the current thread on a Pleasure Way), etc.
We recently bought a Class B (Pleasure-Way).? It's on order actually, so I can't say much about the practicality of living in a B full-time.? What I can say is that it is important to carefully consider your needs before you buy anything.? For years before my wife and I retired, we thought we would buy a 5er and tow vehicle.? When we got to point of making a purchase, it turned out that a Class B was the best fit for us.? The type of traveling we planned to do was the determining factor.? We would have preferred the fifth wheel for its generous living space, but the higher costs (tow vehicle/trailer combo, fuel, trailer storage) and limited maneuverability and nimbleness made us opt for a B.? But what kind?? New or used?? Diesel or gasser? Generator? TV? Wet bath or dry? Floor plan? How much to spend? All these questions must be answered based on your intended use for the vehicle.? How much storage space do you need? Will you use it as your primary or only means of transportation?? Where will you park it?? Do you need to be stealthy? Will you be traveling long distances?? How much can you afford to spend??

New ones are $60-80K depending on the make and model, and even the used ones are not particularly cheap.? We saw a 1996 Ford-based MB Cruiser that the dealer was asking $16,000 for.? Anything in model year 2000 and up is going to cost at least $30,000 depending on make, condition, mileage, diesel or gas, etc.? Look at PPL Motor Homes for examples of used prices.

or you can call around to RV dealerships and ask about their stock of used conversion vans.? Find as many as you can and look them over carefully.? Don't make an offer till you reach a level of confidence in what something is worth.? If you find something that meets your needs make an offer on the low side and be very patient in the negotiating process so you don't pay too much.

Good luck in your quest!?
And don't forget the Class B Plus, like the Rialta by Winnebago or the B Plus units on the Sprinter chassis with a dieseel. many aren't "used" but if truly selfcontained, the interest on your payment is deductable as if it were a fixed hom or condo as either a 1st or 2nd home.
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