Class C overweight?

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May 30, 2010
I am considering a Class C bunkhouse.  It seelps 8-9.  It's a Sunseeker 3170DS.  If I carry four average adults, three tweens, and cargo, water, LP, etc..
Will I likely excced the carrying capacity of the Ford E450?
I'd say there is a good chance, but without knowing the UVW as delivered it is hard to guess. The GVWR is still only 14,500, even though it is on the E450 chassis, and that model has a lot in it, even before putting 7 people and all their gear, food & water onboard.

The Sunseeker brochure shows an estimated UVW of 12,500, but those are usually on the low side (before any options are added, or any propane in the tank or water in the lines and heater). That would leave at most 2000 lbs and seven people (average 154 lbs?) uses half of that. Water at 8.4 lbs/gal uses another big chunk. Visit a dealer who has one and get a reading of the UVW or OCCC (carrying capacity) off it, to get a better idea of what one of those can really carry.  The RV will have an actual weight  obtained as it left the factory.  Odds are the OCCC carrying capacity is less than 2000 lbs as delivered.

You would be much better off with a small Class A in that size of RV, especially with that much to load onboard. A 30-32 foot Class A will probably have a GVWR in the 17,000-22,000 lb range. Not sure you will find one with bunks for 7 people, though.
I agree with Gary, at best you will be at the limit, if not over. There have been some posts on this forum and others about handling issues with the e450 when over 30 feet and maxed on weight. I would tend to stay away from that scenario.

I went to an rv show recently and there were a couple class a with bunk beds and drop down beds over the cockpit area. Pretty sure one was a wind sport built by thor industries, there was another but I forget the make/model. That set up would give you a bunch of beds for all those kids. The chassis would have a greater capacity though I don't know what the cargo carrying number would be, but would assume it would be higher.

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