ClassC towing chevy S10,

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Virgie & Fred

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Mar 31, 2012
Dallas , Texas
[quote author=anakenzie]We will be in a 27 ft Class C, possibly towing an extracab chevy S10, ...

anakenzie; I hate to change the subject but I have the same type of R/V and plan on towing the same type of truck. Can I ask how you plan on towing it i.e. tow dolly, all four down. I plan on towing mine with a dolly with the back wheels on the dolly, (backwards).
[quote author=fperez7802]nakenzie; I hate to change the subject.[/quote]

Please don't. All it took was a couple of mouse clicks to make this a new topic and place it in  a more appropriate message board with a relevant subject line.
Honestly, I'm not sure yet how we are towing it..  leaving that up to my husband to decide.  I thought he was just planning on a tow bar, but I'm not sure..  He's a mechanic, so I leave this stuff up to him and stay out of it.  lol.

I will update and let you know once I find out.
I just arrived in South Padre, TX from Dallas towing my S10. I had to tow it w/ a tow dolly. I had to remove the drive shaft because I didn't feel good about transporting w/ the rear wheels on the dooly. It worked out ok.
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