Cleaning toilet sprayer nozzle

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
Hard water has clogged the little holes in the sprayer nozzle for my Thetford toilet.  Anybody know how to disassemble the nozzle for quick cleaning?  I tried twisting the little silver ring off, but it didn't unthread.  There seems to be a disk under the ring that has holes.  If I can remove the disk, I can rinse out the hard water deposits, I'm sure.


"Hard water has clogged the little holes in the sprayer nozzle for my Thetford toilet."

I used to spend hours struggling to reassemble the wand spray shower head after cleaning it.

Now, in the RV, I just tie a zip lock bag of vineger arround the wand spray shower head and let is soak for 12-24 hrs.
Another solution is just go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy a new one. They are very inexpensive and they are the same as on a kitchen sink. Just take your old one in with you and compare. I had a leaker and kept taking it apart and working with it until I realized for a few bucks I could solve the probem in a few minutes.

It's a common problem with toilet sprayers.  Is the incominng water  to your RV filtered?

The vinegar solution as suggested might work, but the easiest solution is to replace it.  The kitchen replacements in Home Depot or Lowes will cost less than the Thetford replacement and will  likely be the same size hose to slip on and clamp to the diverter on the toilet.
I'm having a tough time visualizing a part of my toilet that might look like something in my kitchen  ???
There is even an easier solution.  Go to the local grocery store and buy a product called CLR.  Dip the nozzle in it without removal and it will desolve the deposits in a heart beat.

CLR is a very corrosive acid.  Rubber gloves and old throw away clothing would be recommended...plau start off with a diluted solution before going full strength, being careful not to expose any chrome or brass to the product.
OK, so I went back in and looked at the little spray head, and there seemed to be a twist knob below it.  I turned that, and it came down, and the spray head was removeable.  Ta da.  A couple months ago I got some really really neat new stuff I saw on TV or someplace that is CLR's new "enhanced bathroom cleaner."  Yellow spray bottle.  It's good for chrome and everything and does a fantastic job on my kitchen sinks (sorry about the kitchen reference, Tom) and smells good too.  I sprayed a tiny puddle of it on the nozzle for a half minute and rinsed off, sprayed and cleaned a second time and rinsed.  The chrome trim on the spray nozzle got even shinier.  The nozzle does spray significantly better than it did, so I imagine continued treatment will help.  I don't need to remove the nozzle, but I was able to clean the washer in it while I had it apart.  I imagine there's all sorts of hard water crud in the nozzle, and eventually a new one from Home Depot will be a much better solution.

It's great to know that I can replace this nozzle easily.  It does leak a little, but I think I had let that cover cap loosen over time.  This is one more thing about my RV that I didn't know and feel a ton better understanding.



I love the sprayer on my Newmar.  At first I thought it was a bidet.  ;D  and yes Tom it looks exactly like a kitchen accessory.

But I find myself using it quite a bit and it WORKS!  Keeps the main device looking shiny and clean.  Hope either the vinegar or kitchen replacement ideas will work for us down the road.
Smoky:  What's your sprayer look like?  Have you seen anything similar in stores?

Tom said:
I'm having a tough time visualizing a part of my toilet that might look like something in my kitchen  ???

Are dogs constantly try to drink out of the toilets at the house.  Perhaps we should stop letting them ride in the RV.  As know I know where the  confusion is coming from.  ;D

It looks just like the hose on a kitchen sink.  Except this one attaches to the base of the toilet.  I have to use the foot pedal on the toilet AND then also press the lever on the sprayer nozzle simultaneously to get action.  I have not looked closely to how it is attached, but I am guessing it is compatible with the kitchen sprayers from Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
Got a chrome colored plastic nozzle that I put on it today.  Looks and works fine.  That little C spring was a pain to replace.  I had to use the old one.  The new one was too stiff.  I saved it just in case.

Pat we have a sprayer like yours for the toilet and I just put the sprayer in a cup of vinegar the other day and it works fine now.  That saved going out and buying a new one. 

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