Coachmen Apex sofa/bed

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Oct 14, 2012
We bought our 2012 Coachmen Apex 22QBS new last August.  I guess during the walk thru they either forgot to show us or we forgot to ask how the convertible sofa/bed works.  It is suppose to somehow make into a bed but for the life of me I cant make it work.  If you use just the foundation it sits on will in the couch mode and lay the back cushions flat and then lay the solid bottom cushion next to it, its splits down the center plus the front of the "bed" only has half a foundation under it so it has no support for a body to lay on.  The camper says it sleeps 4 but Im not sure how.  Any fellow Apex owners out there that can help? 

Ive tried Googling it and our owners manual is very generic and doesn't mention anything about that style of sofa/bed in it.  Speaking to the original dealer we bought it from is not possible.  So any advice is very welcomed!!
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