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Feb 19, 2010
Jamestown, NY
Was wondering how many here have Coast to Coast membership and how often you use it while fulltiming? We have a chance to pick one up for just the cost of the transfer fees, and first years maintenance fees only, no purchase price involved. The home resort is one we've stayed in under our Resorts of Distinction membership, and we really enjoyed that resort.
I have been full timing for ten years and I have never heard of Coast to Coast. So I Googled them and found out they are part of Good Sam. I read their entire web site and no place did they mention what it actually costs to join. In their explanation they state "The national average is $40 to $60 a night (many charge up to $80 a night)". Which is just dead wrong. The national average is probably closer to $20 to $40 a night with a few charging $60 a night. They only have about 400 campgrounds participating so I think I will pass.
Coast to Coast is fine if you use it often enough. The C2C membership itself is not expensive, but you also need a membership in a participating resort, which itself will have annual dues.  You need to assess the cost of the dues vs the number of nights you will stay in one of the parks, but since you already own a membership in an ROD park, the extra cost of C2C ought to be very modest.

Seilerbird: You would have to buy a camping resort membership somewhere to get into C2C and I doubt if that would be cost effective - or attractive - to your lifestyle. And the typical daily cost of a "camping resort" is probably upwards of $40/night. I know of some that are around $100 on a daily basis (much less per night for members annual dues, of course).
Whatever the owner marketing staff says it is.  ;) Typically includes a club house with planned activities, lakes and ponds for fishing and recreation, facilities for things like tennis, miniature golf, or maybe a 9-hole golf course, etc. Some even have restaurants . It's the general level of amenities rather than anything specific.
The reason I asked is because I have stayed at "rv resorts" that had no amenities. I don't think I have paid over $40 a night at more than two or three parks or resorts. Maybe I am just a good bargain hunter.
We rarely pay $40 or more either, but that is our choice and not indicative of all the membership  resorts. Plus, of course, the C2C marketing people are guilty of some hyperbole.
Years back I belonged to C2C. You buy cards from your home park for $6-10 to use at participating resorts. At that time, they had 550+ Resorts nationwide, but it seemed that most were quite a ways off of the Interstates. I dropped them after a couple of years.  Eddie Elk.

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