Cockles and mussels and karaoke

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Jan 13, 2005
A few pics of Framily members Pat and Jim Dick:

  • Jim & Tom in a marathon mussel eat-off.
  • Pat thinks it's hilarious.
  • Pat & Tom practice vocals.


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Yum.  We had  some New Zealand green mussels the other day.  Scrumptious.

The fun was short lived Ron. The video from the karaoke machine qui displaying on the TV. Jim the technical analyst went to work. Chris snapped a photo of him crawling behind the TV, with his head sticking out one side and his feet sticking out the other. But it turned out to be a poor photo. I'll try to improve it up a little with Photoshop.

We tried getting Jim to eat laverbred (seaweed), but he politely said "no thanks"  :)
MPEG will wait for the barbershoppers at Moab (hint).
No Ron! It's a hint to Ned to get his barbershop voice in tune.
I doubt I can do baritone any longer, and certainly without music.  The vocal chords are quite rusty, but can handle a tenor after sufficient lubrication :)
I'll have the music, so start oiling your larynx. I'll do base, and we also need the other two parts.
My friend Margaret from Swansea usually serves that for Sunday breakfast when we stay with her.  We can usually manage a SMALL portion.

We tried getting Jim to eat laverbred (seaweed), but he politely said "no thanks"? :)
LOL Peggy, I'm impressed. It's definitely an acquired taste.

For the benefit of others, here's more information on laverbred.

Just make sure you add a liberal helping of malt vinegar.
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