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Jul 15, 2019
morning all. new to the forum and to the RV world. just recently bought a used class A. I play guitar in a southern rock band. we don't travel all the time but we do travel. for the last couple years,  we been traveling in a toy hauler, but it proved not to be big enough lol. so hence the reason I got the class A. how many of you guys/gals do this? what do you carry with you in regards to instruments, amps, PA and such.
Welcome to The RV Forum. We have a few traveling musicians/bands here.

A class A makes a lot of sense for a traveling band/group.

I don't play pro, and can barely play amateur  :-[ But I carry a couple of guitars and several ukuleles in the motorhome. I've been known to also carry a keyboard, but my other half starts making noises when I do that. Right now, I have a keyboard set up in the 'shed' on our summer lot.

I belong to a couple of uke bands and (try to) jam with traveling musicians, but don't carry an amp for campground use.
I don?t take amps & such unless we?re heading to a gig.  In that case they mostly go in the towed car. 

Instruments go in the coach.  2 to 3 guitars fit under the bed overhang when the slide is in.  They?re quite happy there.
I'm a solo performer (guitar & vocals) and don't really use our Class C as a tour vehicle, but I do occasionally work a gig into a planned recreational trip for my wife and me. A much simpler set-up of course than you probably have with a band set-up; I always have a guitar with me either way, but my smallest PA set-up, whether there's a gig or not, is a Bose S1 Pro that's a pretty amazing little unit. Plus, when I'm not playing, it's a great speaker for our bluetooth music from our phone. Good luck!

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