Comfy bedding...???

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Aug 25, 2006
Hope some of you will have suggestions... I've read that the Rialta's bedding isn't comfortable.  We haven't had the opportunity to sleep in ours yet.  Will those shearling type pads work or is there something better?  We'll be using sleeping bags...  Thanx!  Gail

I'm not familiar with the Rialta and not sure what you mean by "bedding". If you mean the mattress, I found the mattress in our motorhome to be quite uncomfortable and replaced it with a dual-bag air mattress, similar to the Sleep Number mattress.
Thanx, to clarify... no mattress, we have a folding sofa on each side, that meet in the middle to form the bed.
Thanks for clarification Gail.

What is a "shearling type pad"? Is it a foam pad or one of those egg carton style foams? I know my wife has bought foam pads at different times over the years to add to beds, including at home. She'd think they were comfortable and I'd be complaining they were a waste of money. With our Sleep Number bed (on a scale of 10-100), I have my side pumped up to 100, while my wife has her side set to 35. This might explain why she always thought the addition of foam was "comfortable" and I didn't.
Egg carton foam, like they sell in Wal-Mart-type stores, or any sheet of foam, would help make the bed more comfortable and cover the spot where the 2 halves meet in the middle. Of course, you'd have to have a place to store it when the bed wasn't made up.
Thanx Tom amd Wendy!  Shearling pads are, or imitation, sheep skin all fuzzied up...  they feel really soft. Years ago I used to have some bucket seat covers made of real shearling.  I've seen them for mattresses.  Not cheap...

Maybe I'll just use a couple of old comforters for padding and use as throws to protect the sofas during the day since we have two dogs.  They'll serve both purposes, won't have to find a place to store them and will cost nothing since I already have some... YEAH!  Sounds like a plan.

Sounds like a good idea....dual purpose items are the best in an RV ! And if you end up someplace really cold at night, you can use them on top for warmth instead of underneath for padding.
Ah, I didn't associate "Shearling" with sheepskin. Shame on me, given that I come from a place that has the second highest sheep density in the world  :-[
I have to use a 3" thick foam mattress pad, which I got at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I have had to cut it down to the size of my couch, because I don't open the couch into a sofabed.  It's miserably uncomfortable with that dip down the middle.  So I store the mattress pad behind the couch between the back of the couch and the outer wall of my mh.  It looked like a mattress stuck back there.  Really tacky.  I found some dark grey chenille throws at Target that are a perfect size to cover and protect the couch upholstery and to cover the mattress pad.  I bought one for the couch.  I stitched the long edges together on a second one to make a sleeve for over the pad.  Slide the pad behind the couch, and both match perfectly in a nice, small-ribbed dark grey.  Really neatens the place up.  I even got a third throw that I use as an actual throw, or as an occasonal nest for the cat on cool days.  The stretchy chenille doesn't even move out of place when I sit or nap on it.  And the cat's nails don't seem to snag it.  Great stuff.

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