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Aug 12, 2006
For those of you who referencing Mr. Smith and Weston.  What kind of weapon do you carry, IE: pistol, rifle, shotgun and/or etc?  For those with pistols, do you have subject permit?


We are square----------------------dancers that is
Sig Sauer 9mm with a license to conceal. I would never make it in California ;D
Many years ago on a trip with some College friends in an old Class A I used to have, they decided to go
to Juarez while I was asleep. Of course guns are beyond illegal in Mexico so I
was more than nervous until we got back across the border. I considered dropping the
barrell in the black tank that would be fun to get back ::)
You know, this question continues to come up and I really don't  know why. I am a retired police officer and I carry a gun most of the time. What I carry is my personal business. What difference does it make ??

I carry radios and call for help if needed, along with a few quiet type weapons I won't bother to list, not as good over a distance but there's not that much distance INSIDE an RV.

Story: Couple gets an RV so they can get away from it all but when camping neighbors keep koncking on their door and disturbing them

They tried DO NOT DISTURBE signs, and all sorts of other things,  Nothing worked,  Finally they found a sign that kept the neighbors from knocking.  So, what's on their door?

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Our whole life plans
Interestingly enough we were camping this weekend and evidently the campground was having problems with skunks. Around 2 a.m in the morning the campground owner shoots a skunk and it was really loud since we were in between two mountains. I do not carry my gun when we are camping one because of the kids and two because there are very few angles that would not get near to the two large propane tanks on the front of the TT. That would not be a good fireworks show and was exactly what was going thru my mind during the skunk hunt. :so I think I am with Tom on the water pistol idea.
We have 2 cell phones with 911 on speed dial.  What more could you need?

Tom, it depends on what you put in the water pistol :)

I hadn't thought of anything other than water, but now you're giving me ideas.
Concealed Handgun:

Easy Woody - - - . You?re right, of course. I have been pleased with your comments, in several threads where this issue came up. What anyone carries is his or her own business. As to why this keeps coming up, there might be and probably are - several reasons. Woodartist has one idea, for example.

What difference does it make? Doesn?t matter to me! I expect most people to be unarmed. I am happier in a group where some are armed. I am most at ease in a group where most are armed. But, I don?t give a hoot, as to with what.

They might be looking for advice, that is as to their own use. Might be doing a survey. Hard to tell, in this case. Perhaps Wsweet2 will elaborate, as to what he is looking for.

As to the question about types of weapons one might carry with a Concealed Carry Permit, it?s going to be handguns, almost exclusively. Out of curiosity, some friends and I attempted to conceal rifles and shotguns - a study, of sorts. It is possible.

We couldn?t figure out a way to make it practical, comfortable, nor sensible. Just too hard to do. Well, there are some specialized weapons, not long arms, but longer than most handguns, used by some Law Enforcement folks, that can be concealed in ?business? clothes. But, I don?t have any of those.

I consider a weapon to be part of the wardrobe. I would ?wear? a different one, with shorts and T, than I would with a suit an/or long pants. More difficult to conceal inside skimpy clothing. It?s not a simple subject.

John: I know a venerable retired Law Enforcement officer who carries a 1911 in a black fanny pack. He?s never told me that, and I?ve never actually seen it. So how do I know? His fanny pack is a very sturdy old bag, with a heavy belt. When one carries regularly, wherever one goes, the ?clothing? rubs on things one passes. That would be - the inside of a jacket - furniture - doorways - car seats - and the list goes on - - - - .

There is a shiny area on the outside of the fanny pack, a perfect image of Government Issue .45, 1911. It?s a picture, if you please, of what?s inside. I?ve commented, occasionally, to friends, curious to see who is observant. Very few notice the ?picture.?

Water pistol? Let me think about that!

Ray D
I would always rather be armed and not ever need it, than the alternative......
I figure my RV is my home and I have the right to defend my home if need be. Last option, of course.
Just MHO..

Tom said:

I hadn't thought of anything other than water, but now you're giving me ideas.

Tom, fill it with Glenfiddich or another Single Malt Scotch Whisky, point at me and then touch the trigger. Does not help against bad boys but helps me ;-)
A little elaboration on the why of my question.? Several reasons, we spend several months in the Texas Valley each year.? Last year on the way down, about 100 mi. from Mission, TX, had a flat. A Mexican from Old Mexico, had plates from there, stopped.? Nothing happened but wife and I were very nervous because of stories he told and other actions.? Did not have any? kind of gun although at home did have quite a few.? So started talking to other campers, seemed that a lot of them carry something in the tow veh and transfer to the trailer or whatever when stopped.? And to reply to the retired cop, had several tell me that the law is fairly plain as to be able to carry a gun when traveling, however, traveling was not defined.? Also, was told that generally an experienced cop probably would not cause a problem but a newbe probably would.? Was told several times "you would beat the rap but not the ride".? So to me solution was to get the CHL which I did but was curious about other RVers.


f-221 said:
... fill it with Glenfiddich or another Single Malt Scotch Whisky, point at me and then touch the trigger.

LOL Mike, only if you can guarantee not spilling a drop.
Even with your permit, you need to know and comply with the laws where you are. Each state and many cities are all different.

For just a few examples:

Idaho: You can carry open or concealed, even on your person, on the open road. Inside city limits, you can still carry open, but need a permit to carry concealed. You can carry in your car, anywhere, any way you like. Any permit, from any state, is honored here. Most out of staters have more liberty here, than they do with their permits, in their own home states.

Wyoming and Utah, pretty much like Idaho.

Oregon: If I cross into Oregon, they do not honor any out of state permits. And, non-residents cannot get an Oregon permit. (With a few exceptions.) You cannot carry concealed, from out of state, at all. But, anyone can carry openly - that is if the weapon is visible from outside the car. (Like on the dashboard or a center console - visible.)

If I cross into Washington, I can get a non-resident permit. Otherwise, pretty much like Oregon. They do not recognize any out of state permits.

California: A rattlesnake's nest of local regulations. You need to know the differences in the law, if you cross any border of any city or county. Difficult to get a permit, unless you are politically connected or a movie star. They do not honor out of state permits.

East of the Mississippi, mostly very restrictive, much more than west. There are notable exceptions, such as Florida, where almost anything goes.

Brush up on the laws, where you are going, as part of your preparations for a trip. I stop before crossing state lines, and "re-arrange everything." I don't go to Kalifornia. Too complicated.

Don't take a gun or any ammunition to Canada or Mexico.

Ray D.

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