Concertone ZX600 stopped working?!

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Aug 29, 2012
Corpus Christi TX
So we took our 5er up to Cotulla TX to leave at the ranch during the winter whitetail season and we notice when we arrived we realized the Concertone ZX600 was apparently no longer working.  It worked fine and dandy a few weekds ago when we drove to Canyon Lake for the weekend.  I cannot figure out why this thing would have all of a sudden just stopped working.  Maybe I am missing something and someone can enlighten me.  The power button on the screen is illumanated red so I know it has power coming to it.  I have removed all the screws and pulled the radio out and checked all 8 billion connections back there and I could not find anything loose or disconnected.  anyone have any ideas?
Sounds to me that the radio just died internally.... every piece of electronic equipment will go haywire at some time. It only takes one critical component to shut it down.

Don't expect to find a repair shop to fix it.  It's a new age we live in. Fix means Replace in almost everything.
There should be two different fuses.  One to power the base electronics and a second one to power the radio itself.  if it has failed, you basically have two choices.  Go on line to and either order a refurbished or a new unit.  Or go to someplace like and talk to one of their experts and buy what you think will work best for your situation.  Once it arrives, plan to buy some oak plywood to cover the monster hole and make a new mount for the new radio.  Personally I would choose option 2.
Bird, it is a 5er so there is no dash, or engine to be running. 

Carson that is what I was thinking just replace it.  Only thing I am worried about is rewiring it.  Are they kind of universal where it will plug into the same adapter?

Donn, I do not want to change size, I would much rather have a direct replacement.  It looks like Concertone still makes a radio that is about the same size I could replace it with.  Hopefully all the wiring is the same.
Carson, that is what I was thinking just replace it.  Only thing I am worried about is rewiring it.  Are they kind of universal where it will plug into the same adapter?

TCS, If you replace it with another type of system, it will probably take a professional to rewire it.

  I had a similar situation a while ago with a simpler smaller radio. It took the installer 1 hour to do the  rewiring. Luckily the installation was free of charge/included in the radio price. I suggest you pursue the exact replacement way, if possible.
Well it looks like they no longer manufacture the ZX600 so this is the closest option they have, im going to call their tech guys and ask it they have the same harness, if so it should be plug and play.
Just be prepared for the same low quality, high failure rate you current experience.  Concert one has had less than a stellar reputation.  I can understand your unwillingness to upgrade to a quality product, but it is not as daunting a task as some would lead you to believe.  Takes some time?  Yes. But the rewards of having a superior product would probably outweigh the time you spent on searching out a better product.  But it's your time and money, so go for the overpriced low quality if that is your choice.
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