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Have just purchased a new Diplomat SFT, the floorplan is terrific.  Have two things:

1.  Re: Owners Manual, the sequence for setting up is to extend the slide-outs, dump the air and then extend the jacks.  Monaco Tech Tips says not to let the coach sit for extended periods (30 days) without air-pressure.  Should I go thru the setup and then restart engine to build up air-pressure and extend the air-bags???

2. Re: Owners Manual and sticker in Water Bay, you should never close the discharge valve while back-flushing the Black-Water Tank.  Again, the Monaco Tech Tips recommends closing the discharge valve to let water build and wash out the solids (does caution never leave unattended).  The tip makes sense to me.

Any input on aboe will be appreciated.

1. The sequence changes based on what you read and who you talk with. On our Monaco Camelot I extend and retract the slideouts while aired up. I usually don't bother to dump the air, but the air eventually leaks out anyway if I let the coach sit in storage long enough.

2. I think you're referring to the notice that you shouldn't leave the discharge (dump) valve closed while using the flushing jets in the sides of the tank. What they're really saying is that, if the water in the tank was above the level of the jets, they couldn't adequately flush the tank. OTOH some water in the tank will help flush out the solids. So, after you've dumped the black tank, it's OK to close the dump valve and back flush some, then open the valve and continue flushing. Just don't let the flush water get up to the jets.

Hope this helps.

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