Considering 2016 6.7L F250 CCSB or '16 Sierra 6.6L Duramax

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Jul 31, 2017
New River Valley, Virginia
What do I need to know about the '16 Powerstroke before purchasing for rv towing? Want to purchase this month to prepare for a long trip early August.

New to diesel maintenance and ownership; overwhelmed by the reports and discussions of regen/dpf problems.
My Dad's '99 7.3L is too old and poorly maintained for me to trust towing the rv the distances and environments we are planning. Plus we didn't have to be concerned about DEF/DPF.

Considering '16 Duramax 2500HD, or maybe staying with flexFuel. '16 Sierra is about $7200 less expensive purchase price than F250SD. Seems that biodiesel is a better overall alternative than flexfuel.

It is important to us to burn as cleanly as practical; no soot. So am leaning against EGR and DPF deletes.
I have a '13 F350 diesel.  It requires DEF and does periodic regeneration cycles.  NO PROBLEM!!  Most folks on the forums are there to vent or complain about their truck problems.  I have never gone on line to tell the world how well mine runs.
Avoid the first couple years of DEF production and you should be fine.

I add DEF every oil change.  It is included with fluid top off if you have the oil changed.  It is readily available at almost all truck stops, auto parts stores and even Wally World.  If you buy your own, make sure the under cap seal is still intact.  The truck message center warns me when DEF is getting low.  500 miles to empty DEF  or similar.  The message comes up every time you start the truck.  If you ignore the messages and DEF gets really low, it will slow you down until you add DEF - as slow as 5 mph when it goes empty.  If you fill when warned - NO PROBLEMS!

The regen message pops up occasionally if it has not been on a long road trip recently.  Basically, it wants you to drive at 45 mph or faster for 15 or 20 miles.  It changes engine conditions to heat the exhaust system up hot enough to burn off any soot and regenerate the particulate filter.  The soot leaves as CO2, not soot.

As far as the Chevy or Ford - drive both and get the one the wife prefers!
I have a 2018 F250 and have to say I really am happy with the 6.7L motor.  I'm coming from a 2015 RAM that, while the motor was solid, the rest of the truck had recall after recall.  It's to bad because I love the Cummins motor. 

As far as the DEF i've never had any issues with it.  Like was posted above just make sure the seals are not broken.  The more you tow the more you will go through.   

My Father and Uncles all drive the Chevy trucks and two of my three uncles have had to rebuild their front ends completely.  I have read the Independent suspension struggles with the weight of the motor.  I don't know how true that is but I just thought I would throw it out there. 
My father's Denali is very nice and rides almost like a car.  He brags about how his truck tows much better than mine but his trailer weighs less fully loaded than mine does empty. 

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