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Sep 1, 2006
Florida, USA
Occasionlly I need "electronic" contact cleaner for my radio gear i.e. rotary switches and potentiometers. Have been looking for reasonably priced stuff, like in the good old days.....?

A puny spray can at RS is now 10 bucks, Yikes.
Where are you guys filling your needs?

Have been advised to use W-40 citing great results.  Any comments?

I tried everyplace...Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot. Finally settled for Radio Shack and paid the ten bucks. Probably should have checked some of the auto parts stores but I had already been driving around half the day looking.
I think the Radio Shack price is about as good as you can do on th spray stuff.  I have a bottle of liquid "De-Oxit" that I think I paid about $7 for last year.  It will out last the spray many times but the spray is more convenient at times so I have both.  Actually multiples of each.  I use a lot!!
There really is only two places to find contact cleaner, Possibly 3

1: Radio shack

2: An electronics parts store (This is the kind of store tha "Joe's TV Repair" would shop at, They are in the Yellow pages under electronic parts)

3: (The possible one) Fry's. It's about the only "electronics supermarket" type store that I've seen that is also a parts store.  And I would not guarentee Frys.  Which reminds me..... I need some
Good Morning,
  Thanks for the input, all.
Seems like the best product to use is the Deoxit line made by Caig Laboratories, CA.
The product is part# DN5S-6N  (Cleaner/Lubricant). It is used by the pro's in the audio field.

Explore the website and you will find a list of wholesale/retail distributors, such as Fry's, Radio Shack etal. The only one practical for me, without going mail-order is of course..... Radio Shack.

Other products such as Techspray "Blue Shower" are deemed to be of lesser quality, due to short lived effectiveness.

Oh well, guess the "good ole' days are gone. I did have a small vial of Deoxit for about 20 years in my desk, but it has disappeared.  ???

Carson, FL.
I like the entire LPS line of spray lubes.  They have a good contact cleaner.  I buy them at the local Ace hardware store.
James Godward said:

The LPS line is good stuff.? I remember using it a long time ago when they only marketed it to the "industry"!!? VBG

If you go to their website, it is evident that they still do.  However they market four of their products thru consumer outlets.  LPS-2 is their standard lube equivalent of WD40.  LPS-3 is a decent heavy corrosion protectant -- great for battery terminals btw.  LPS-1 is a lighweight lube for locks, electrical contacts, and as a penetrant.  They also market their contact cleaner.  The products are not silicones.
Hi Carl,

I too checked out the LPS website. I used to work as a buyer for an MRO facility and we used a lot of those cleaning agents. Mainly for getting the grime off the circuit boards, etc

I did not see anything at LPS that is specified for controls, (Pots, sliders, etc).

In order to restore raspy pots, usually a lubricant is required as well as the cleaning agent.

I,ll go to ACE Hardware and check it out here locally. Maybe I am missing something in reading the website.  What do you think?
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