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Jul 1, 2006
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How would I go about ordering a set of RV neo-angle shower doors?  They seem to be popular in newer large 5ers and probably some Class A's also.  The reason I ask is this... I believe those are 36" neo-angles, and I need a set of the doors for my HOUSE.  The guy that built it installed the floor/wall assembly and all the fixtures in our downstairs bathroom, but no doors (I have no idea why)!  All the kits at my local Lowe's/Menard's/Home Depot are 38" neo-angles.  I never knew where to get (or where anyone used) 36" doors until the wife and I were looking at new RV's just for fun the other day.  Is that something I could find from an RV salvage yard?  Any suggestions appreciated -
It's highly possible Scotty.? ?If you can't find it there? Try Camping World or A large plumbing supply, they have access to so mamy fixtures? it would make your head spin.? I'm talking about Plumbling Wholesaler not? a retail store.? Good Luck

Years ago the local sears plumbing department had a vendor that made "custom" shower doors.  When we got our MH, the same company made the one in it.  i don;t recall the name and the stick on tags are long gone in both the house and MH.  Check the bigger plumbing departments, Lowe's, HD etc., along with Sears and see about the "custom" doors.  If I recall, the set was only about $25 to 50 more than the kits and they installed for that price.
Ours came from American Shower Door.

Most such fixtures can be ordered in many more sizes than the standard ones that home stores carry in stick. Did you ask about ordering the size & stle you want?  Kohler makes many, many sizes and styles.

A Google search on neo-angle shower door will give you a zillion of so possibilities. Surelyone of them offers the size you want.

I would say the chances of finding one in a salvage yard are slim. RV Surplus & Salvage in Elkhar Indiana might have one, though. They pick up a lot of new surplus stuff from the Rv factories in the Elkhart area. RV Surplus & Salvage
Thanks for the links and other ideas fellas... I have asked about ordering just the doors from Lowe's and Menard's, and IIRC it was possible but extremely expensive.  This is our 3rd of 3 bathrooms in the house so it's not THAT important to get the shower fully functioning.  ;)  At one point I discovered it would be cheaper to buy an entire kit (floor, walls, and doors) that was on sale, and just discard the cheaper floor and walls... and that's when I discovered I did not have a common size.  Since then it hasn't been a priority until the other day when I found those 5ers with the same size.

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