correct wiring diagram for Intellitec 01-00055-002 (non-fused) BD

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Aug 10, 2019
I am replacing the original faulty battery disconnect on a 1997 fleetwood southwind with an Intellitec 01-00055-002 (non-fused) BD. need to know the correct wiring due to the fact that the wire colors denoted on the solenoid differ from the existing faulty solenoid... plz help
If you could tell (or better yet, show) us what you now have, perhaps we could help.  As you have learned, the wire colors don't mean much because each RV manufacturer chooses his own wiring.

Basically a solenoid will have two pairs of wires. One pair is the large cable that goes to the battery and connects to the large copper terminals on the solenoid.  The big copper studs are labeled BAT and Green.  The other pair is usually a much smaller gauge and goes to the BD switch on one side and chassis ground on the other. This pair connects to the small silver terminals on the solenoid. Sometimes there is an additional small gauge wire on the switch terminal side.  The silver terminals are marked "S" & "I".

This service manual should help:
Thank you all so much,

So I am assuming from these replies that the yellow and black wires will attach to the same terminals as the solenoid i am replacing. the yellow and black wires come from the distribution circuit board.

Interesting. I was under the impression that the Fleetwood gas models of that era have the RV Customs Products Battery control center?
My yellow and black wires go to the isolator relay, not the battery disconnect relay.
Could you possibly post a picture of the BCC with the cover off. It's just so I can be better informed.

House husband,

You are correct, mine has the RV Custom control box, of which I just replaced a faulty control board, from which the yellow and black wires in question are coming from. I was told that the Intellitec solenoid could used  as a replacement to the isolator relay. If this is not the case please inform me. I greatly appreciate the assistance.
This is the type of relay you need.
Does not have to be from any specific manufacture. Just make sure it is labeled for continuous duty. The positive wire is switched.
A continuous duty relay with only 1 small post will work, as it get ground through the case.
Put the positive lead on the small post and attach the ground wire to the relay mounting screw.
House Husband,

Thanks much for clarifying, ill get one ordered.

Best Regards,

Joe S

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