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Sep 10, 2019
Hi all,

My husband and I are recently transplants from Chicago to AZ.  We've since bought a NuCamp Tab 400 since we fell in love with it the first time we saw it.  It's gonna be interesting for us being newbies at this (having a trailer), but we like adventures.    I hope to meet some of you on the road! 

I'm gonna go scan some topics now  8)
Welcome to the Forum.  Chicago to AZ, that's pretty drastic as far as climates are concerned, oh you'll miss the winters.  Nice trailer for adventures.
As a lifelong central Illinoisian... I'm jealous of your move. ;) There was a time when my wife and I figured we'd stay in the Midwest for life, but these days I'm much more open to relocation someday.

Anyway, welcome to the forum. :) You've got plenty you can read as I'm sure you are discovering, and feel free to jump into any ongoing conversations and post new questions that come up too!
Thanks everyone!  Looking forward to spending some time out there in the wild, haha...

darsben said:
Where in AZ are you? I am originally a Chicago boy. Born on the south side but spent most of my youth near Irving and Ashland and Rogers Park

Both of us were from the south side of Chicago and South Chicago Burbs as well.  We now are in Tempe, bought a house out here in December and love it.  We don't know many people but have some nice neighbors, so there's that.   


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