Crank for roof antena broke plum off!?

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Sep 15, 2006
I was turning the roof antena to my tv on my 27ft Dutchmen when the whole thing fell apart? Everything fell down through now the antena just laying on the roof and a solid piece of steel about 4 inch long inside the camper. I went to a dealer they gave me a repair git that wasnt what wa.  s the problem so I am back at the start. Any help sure like my self my son my wife father brother in law all sides of family and freinds are going to southern Ohio deer hunting soon. Also we will be heading back to poghagon before that. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

What brand of antenna is/was it? Most trailers have a Winegard model, but not all.

You could always simply replace the antenna with a new one. Shouldn't be difficult since the hole and tv cable are already there.

But it also should not be hard to get the old one fixed, unless parts are no longer available.  Assuming its a Winegard, have you contacted Winegard Tech Support? Therir website has links for manuals and tech tips on common problems as well as direct contact info.
I was able to get a repair kit for the Wineguard antenna on my 93 motorhome at a local RV dealer. It contained a new crank, turning collar, and springs. I think it cost around $15.

Sounds like the shaft broke, not the crank.  Take the broken part to a RV dealer or Camping World, in fact, take anything not nailed or wired down,  (Take pictures so you know how to put it back together first) and see if the good folks there can help you.

Always a good idea to take the broken part in when getting new parts,  So many times you find "Well 90% of the rigs out there use THIS size but 10% use that size,,, And of course you are in the less than 1% that uses the 3rd size  :(

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