Crazy Brit foods

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Apr 25, 2005

I only just read the article fully.

Its good how an article on an alternative to diesel fuel can then go on to give a recipe for perfect chips (fries).

mmmm sounds good.

But chips don't smell or taste right until you add malt vinegar.

We just paid $4 for a bottle of Sarsons - worth every penny  ;D


I like malt vinegar on many foods. In addition to the smell and taste, it has the added benefit of cooling down hot food (as in steaming hot chips). Sorry you don't like it, but it's a case of one man's meat is another man's poison. Kinda like me not liking pepper on foods, with only two exceptions - brussels sprouts and laverbred.
I know a lot of Aussies like Malt Vineger on frys but just didn't fit my taste.  Like I said it went in the same catagory as Vegemite.  Now I do like vineger on salads.
I've never seen anyone pour malt vinegar on salad.
Well, we were talking about malt vinegar and you specifically mentioned malt vinegar in your message Ron. No mention of oil in that message either  ???
Well guess it because I have been known to have just vinegar on a salad.  Yes it was Malt vinegar I tried on the frys and I didn't like it but I do like malt vinegar just not on frys.  No matter I don't even eat frys anymore.
It never occurred to me to add vinegar to chili.
Tom said:
It never occurred to me to add vinegar to chili.

Oh yeah, I use it in my best cowboy chili recipe.  Bit of brown sugar too.  Vinegar sharpens up the tomato flavor and color and the sugar binds the flavors of the various ingredients -- it is NOT sweet tho.
Tom said:
It never occurred to me to add vinegar to chili.

Vinegar in Chili is good whether it be malt or regular vinegar.  Can't take it on frys though. :D

Anybody besides me like peanut butter and Mayonnaise sandwiches.  I prefer it be on whole grain bread. ;) :D
The first - and only - time I tasted vinegar on fries, I thought somebody had played a cruel joke.

Fries with malt vinegar is not just Brit, just go to Maine in the summer time for fries with salt and vinegar. ;D

Even better on fish and chips.  :p
hi guys

we are now in Las Cruces and are planning to try the Indian Restaurant tonight.

i understand the owner has a 2nd restaurant in SCOTLAND (!!!) - I wonder how he copes with staff shortages.  ;D

the name of the restaurant is JAAN

i shouldnt imagine anyone has been there but you never know ?

we are now in Las Cruces and are planning to try the Indian Restaurant tonight.

Ah, now you are getting out west.

When you cross into Arizona, do stop at Benson, just after Texas Canyon and try Reb's.  Best darn country fried steak and gravy in the Southwest.  There is a reasonably decent RV park just south of town.  If you are going to spend a day or two in the area, sample the towns of Tombstone and Bisbee to the south.  Catch the wild west stuff in Tombstone -- Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, the Clantons,  boot Hill,  OK Corral, the Bird Cage Theater.    Bisbee is a old mining town in a canyon, somewhat spectacular.  Nice country.  I believe we have framily neaby in Sierra Vista.

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