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Oct 7, 2005
Hi all,

I'm relatively new to RV'ing and had a question about using a crockpot.  This weekend, I will be doing some boondocking in a state campground with very limited generator hours.  I want to make sure I have a full battery for the evening.  How much does a crockpot drain the batteries.  Will running a crockpot for 4-6 hours drain my house batteries or do I have nothing to worry about.

Thanks in advance,

How many and what kind of batteries do you have?  Any heating appliance is going to draw lots of amp hours.
I'm at work now and I'm not really sure.  It is a new 36' Pace Arrow, and I think there are 2 batteries.
If it is a typical crockpot, it will pull about 10 AH/hour out of the battery if it is on high.  Not sure how much less on Medium or low, obviously less but not sure how much less.  If you have on house battery, this would/could be about half of the available AH.  Assuming one 220 Amphour battery and the discharge is not allowed to go below 50%. 

Lots of guesses and assumptions here but I think you can get a handle on things if you check the battery and the crock pot/inverter.  If it is a 12 Volt DC crockpot, forget I said anything.

If it is DC, then look at the power rating and divide by 12.6 and multiply by the hours and subtract that from the battery rating in Amphours.  VBG

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