Crossing into Mexico at Laredo or Eagle Pass early Feb. Any avail groups?

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Jan 29, 2007
We're leaving from NE Tennessee in about 10 days headed to the Vallarta area and understand it can be good (safer?) to travel in a 'convoy'. We've crossed at both Laredo/Nuevo Laredo and Eagle Pass/Piedras Niegras before (in cars) and still aren't sure which place to go over. NV was very conjested and it took quite a while to get the necessary docs validated at the checkpoint. Piedras Niegras was quiet and a relatively easy border crossing but is definitely a little out of the way.

Any RV'ers headed that way at about that time?

We're first time (almost retired) motorhome owners who have chosen to put a 31 foot Bounder on property we're buying in Bucerias - instead of building a house. My husband and I will be traveling with 2 dogs and maybe our grown son who has lived in the Vallarta area. My husband understands and speaks Spanish enough to deal with most situations and my son (if he comes) is bilinqual.
Interested in talking with anyone headed that way!     
In January of 04 we  crossed from El Paseo through Juarez with a Caravan.  Despite the leadership of the caravan wagon masters,  it still took a long time to gather up all the documents and Juarez was a terrible city to pass through.  We came out of Mexico through Tecate and into Arizona.  Smaller but still some hassels with the narrow crossing at border lines with big RV's.  We felt safe always in our caravan but alas we are not going in when you are traveling this year.
Maybe someone else will answer.


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