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Jul 19, 2005
We are trying to buy our first RV, a fifth wheel.  I am considering a Crossroads Cruiser, and was informed that Thor purchased this company a year or so ago.  Sorry, but I am also new to "forums"... so not sure what the format is!

Does anyone know where Crossroad Cruisers were built prior to Thor purchasing the company, and then where the current 2006 models are being built?  Same factory or no?  Thanks much for info.
I think that the factory is still the same as before Thor purchased them. The first move Thor made was to add the toy hauler line and now the Zinger which looks like a lower end unit. In addition Thor dropped the Silverado line since it had more features base than Montana did and Montana is another Thor product. That's one way to handle the competition buy it out and putt it out of business. If Thor has not caused them to start cutting product quality to contribute to the bottom line then it is still a good product. The web ste is

What Nelson has said is a good point.  Thor's main business model is buying up companies, then forcing bottom line results.  I was once a Thor shareowner, but never a Thor customer.  Not saying you are making a bad choice... I still like the Montana after several years of looking at them, but Thor has also forced some companies out of business that could not keep quality up after bottom line pressure.

Whatever you do look at lots and lots of RVs before you decide.  And lots of dealers.  The big shows are a good way to get started.  I took the last two years to decide on my new motorhome. :D

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