CT to AZ 84-81-40

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Jul 19, 2012
I'm sure dozens of you folks have done this either way or both! Does anyone have a list of overnight stops they've made between Memphis and Flagstaff? Would like to stay at about 350 miles per day, thanks!

I've got a couple of places I like to stay, but I always take 412 across Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and that's probably way too far north of I-40 for you.
If you're up for exploring, they are Keystone Lake, near Tulsa, Fort Supply Lake near Fort Supply, OK, and Maxwell Wildlife Refuge near Maxwell, NM.  I've also stayed at Lake Meredith near Fritch, TX a couple of times.  Keystone Lake is the only one of those that you have to pay for.

I've also over-nighted at the west bound rest area west of Cline's Corner on I-40.  The "watch for snakes" signs aren't kidding.  I almost tripped over about a 4' rattlesnake there one time.
A few miles west of Oklahoma City we camped at El Reno Lake Campground a couple years ago and were pleased with it.  It is inexpensive, quiet, clean and, depending on where you park, has full hook ups .  On the western side of Amarillo we have used Oasis Camp Ground several times and it is one of our favorites. We do not often use KOA, but we stayed in the KOA in Holbrook, AZ and it was OK.

Safe travels

Here?s several places we have stayed while traveling I40. Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis Ar. This place is right on the Mississippi River you can watch the barge traffic on the river. Little Rock KOA .  We boondocks across Ok. In casino parking lots.  Check Casino Camper.com. Walnut RV in Vega Tx. Not much here but $28 a night convenient on and off I40. Tucumcari Nm. KOA.  Bar S RV Grants Nm. Hope this helps. From Grants you can get to Flagstaff. There?s a Twin Arrows Casino just east of flagstaff. We also winter in Yuma maybe see you around.  Maybe at the Rally in Quartszite in Jan.

Santa Rosa Lake State Park about 10 miles north of Santa Rosa, NM ($14), Dancing Eagle Casino exit 108  on I-40 in NM ($10-$14 about 50 miles west of Albuquerque), Homolovi State Park just east of Winslow, AZ exit 257 on I-40.
In Gallup, NM USA RV park is nice. Before that in Milan/Grants is BAR S. Bar S is cheaper than USA.

In Amarillo Oasis RV park on the west side of town is nice, but for just a an overnight I like Overnight RV Park. It's a lot cheaper than Oasis. Seems old and tight as you pull in but they will guide you to an area of nice long pull throughs they set up over overnighters.

Billandpam's mention of Little Rock jogged my memory for another one.  Maumelle COE park, just south of the river.  We stayed there for 3 months last year while my wife was in the hospital and recovering from heart surgery.  Awesome place and you wouldn't know you were in the middle of a big city.
If you've been on I-40 before you know that every other vehicle will be a big truck going 75 mph... depending on where in Az you're going and how much time you have, you miight wanna try some other routes...?
Good Stuff Bill thank you!

I'll post when we get settled out there, where do you guys stay in Yuma?

We stay at Sun Ridge RV Park it?s in the Foothills Area.  We are there from mid Oct. to late April.

See ya in Yuma


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