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Biker Dude

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Feb 14, 2007
We are considering purchasing a Damon Outlaw. Wondering if anyone has had experience with this model and is willing to share  experiential pros and cons.  Particularly interested in experiences loading (big motorcycles) into the garage as well as level of satisfaction with space allocation (height)  in the over-garage sleeping quarters. Thx.
2007 Damon Outlaw Motorhome
I took a look at it.  Seems pretty nice as a vacation unit.  Handling may be a problem but if used in a limited fashion it should be fine.  There may be some reliability problems so make sure your dealer is very helpful.  Generally you should have no problem with loading and unloading motorcycles.  I have a toyhauler and have had very few problems in that area.  The Damon is configured the same way as my TH.  Some folks complain they can smell gas and are reluctant to sleep in the cargo area.  In my toyhauler I have never smelled gas unless I opened the tanks on the bikes.  Racing machinery and offroad  bikes may not be as well sealed so that is your call.  I am not the MH expert here so perhaps one of the pros will weigh in about Damon and the weights etc..  I know you can expect 6mpg.  I'd be inclined to go for the bigger weight capacity.  Hope this helps, Phil
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