Dana Wiper Module

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Oct 17, 2005
Where can I find a wiper module made by Dana. I have the part number and the old one but I can see from the Dana website they must no make them anymore
You could try searching our Resources Database. Click on the Library button above, select Miscellaneous and click Resources Database. You could try searching for Parts or for Salvage. Hope that helps.
Sorry Dennis. BTW don't expect it to give you a result for "Dana" or "Wiper module", but it should give you sources for parts and RV salvage operations.

The only other thing I might suggest is the parts department of your local RV dealer or Camping World. Seems to me that CW used to have a "hard to find parts" catalog at one time. Wait ...... it's online here.

Good luck.
Since you have the Dana part number, try your local auto parts.  I'm sure that module was  usedmany places so there should be a replacemant somewhere.
I tried that today at Napa and a local parts store to no avail.
I will continue to search.

Thanks Dennis
If memory serves DANA got out of the auto accessories business and got into something else, the line was, however, picked up by someone else.  NOTE: this is a very old memory, my 1977 only new car I ever owned, was equiped with an after market cruise control... It was a Dana, leading to a re-write of "I've been working on the railroad"

Dana won't you drive, Dana won't you drive, Dana won't you drive my car, car, car.

You get the idea

Last time I had to order parts, the company name had changed

(Used Dana cruise controls for many years... NOTE: GM uses the same control layout, I suspect whomever makes them for GM is the company that took them over. so check with GM for a simular part)
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