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Jun 5, 2016
Bakersfield, Ca.
Dash ac blowing hot air, hooked up recharge kit with engine running and it was showing low. Dining the testing the ac was on full cold setting at maximum. I never heard the ac clutch kick on until I started adding the refrigerant.
After a few seconds I checked the PSI and it was in the 40 range (80F) outside. Then the clutch would kick off and go back to 0; kick back on and back to 40? This continued with no decrease in temperature at the dash registers.
I am afraid to go any higher with the pressure, an thoughts? The ac unit was replaced in November 2020.


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Jul 1, 2006
Land of Lincoln
If the AC was replaced in 6 months ago, and (I assume) the rig went into storage... and now is blowing hot air coming out of storage, I think I'd be heading back to the shop that did the replacement. There's no reason refrigerant should be leaking and need replacement at this point.

John Canfield

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Aug 8, 2006
Texas Hill Country
I've done extensive troubleshooting on my dash air to the extent of replacing everything behind the 'hood.'

There are two common problems:

- vacuum pump to operate the blend doors fails
- the dryer/filter gets clogged up (if one fitting is cold, it's clogged up)

A less common problem:

- I found a leaking crimped hose fitting on the expansion valve, replaced the hose

Since I'm a tool collector, I now have a complete collection of HVAC service tools, I figure I broke even on the repair - a shop repair would be $$$$, I spent $$$$ on service tools.
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