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Sep 29, 2012
Holland, Michigan
Our in dash radio is a  Sony.  It is attached to a JBL amp, and two speakers.
We are parked, no vibrations.  The radio goes silent every so often for no apparent reason.  It will also come back on with no apparent cause.  There is power to the radio, it displays the station it is tuned to as if it were playing, but no sound.  Same thing for other sources (Sirius, Blue tooth, cd, etc.)  We initially thought it was related to a door closing, or other vibration, but it has also gone off or come on with no accompanying reason.  All connections have been checked for contact tightness.

We have measured output from the radio.  It is in keeping with the manufacturer's limits.  To be sure, we even replaced the radio, same problem, so we reinstalled the original radio.

We called JBL, and they told us that it sounded like a bad ground.  So we added 2 new grounds.  Their response was that the amps just didn't behave that way. 

We are in an RV resort, and our neighbor is an RV technician.  He has spent hours under the dash, adding ground wires, talking to reps from Sony, JBL, and Newmar. 

It worked for a week this last time, and then it went silent as we were sitting reading.  Turning it off and on works about 10% of the time.

Before I just go ahead and replace the amp,  any other ideas?

Jim Sullivan
How is the air circulation around the JBL power amp?  Cycling off during extended operation sounds like a heat related problem.

If you have a set of powered computer speakers, they can be plugged into tne tuner's RCA jacks to confirm the problem is in the JBL amp and not in the tuner.
Short story:  I have both a house radio (nice Pioneer Home Theater system) and a Dash Radio (Also a pioneer with a ampliier)  Well When parked the house system worked and still works perfectly but when driving the dash would cut in and out in and out.

Finally I found a box down behind the parking brake with a bunch of RCA (Audio) connectors plugged into it and a couple of multi-pin MOLEX connnectors as well it clicked (Relay click) when turning ignition on or to accessory.. All the RCA connectors were solid but one of the molex.. When I pressed on it I heard the double click of the latches engaging.  Worked 100 % ever since.

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