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Dec 9, 2012
i just bought a used 96 pace arrow vision. in the center of the dash is an area where a tv was at. the tv is missing and there is a big hole there now. how or where would i find an original new or used tv that fits in that hole.
What size hole? It was designed for the old analog TV, which is not made anymore. I just today replaced the the 27 inch analog TV in our new to us 2002 Fleetwood Revolution with a 32 inch Sony HDTV. 
the hole is roughly 20 inch square. i guess it needs to be ac/dc i would like it to fit the hole nicley. i think  a flat screen would look funny in ther
Nearest fit for modern TV looks like a 22" digital widescreen. Actual exterior dimensions in the range of 21" by 15" high. These are available in the Christmas sale sites for low $100s. 19" TVs are also available that would fit within your hole size at 18"X13" in size.
Some overlap and gap filling would be required with either size. There have been numerous TV upgrades you could search for on this forum to get ideas. Example
As for AC/DC, best bet would be a DC to AC inverter sized to power your replacement TV, 200 watts will be more than adequate for most digital TVs especially if you get an LED/LCD version which can consume less than 50 watts.
Would suggest confirming a size that fits your viewing desires and viewing distance before purchasing and installing and modifying your coach.
If yours is similar to waroland you can go larger. Need leave only clearance for door openings. See attached picture for 32" LED/LCD Philips installed. Removed the overly large steel cage structure and made storage behind TV.
Good luck


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Mine is 22in as well.  You can see what it looks like from the picture.  It has to sit so that both doors can be opened on either side of it.  There is a big space behind it. 

Actually, you are lucky it's gone, they charged me $10 to take it at the recycle place.  And I was told it's not allowed in the trash.


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I would suggest that you get a flat screen TV that is a little larger than the opening.  By doing that you won't have to worry about filling the gap between where the old TV was and the new one will be.  You will also be getting a larger screen.  Inside the hole attach a moveable bracket that is specific for the TV you purchase.  A good place to get the TV mount is called monoprice.com.  Make sure that the mount is well supported.  You will then be able to pull out the TV while it is attached to the mount for viewing.  When on the road push the TV back against opening and secure it with a Velco strap.  You don't need an ac/dc TV.  You can't legally watch TV while you are driving.  Whoever took out the old TV did you a favor.  The new ones are a lot lighter and have digital receivers.
I put a 26" flat screen in the upper  area where the center cabinet was and built a cabinet to fill in where the TV was.  I took out the lift and it sure was better without that TV bouncing as we went down the road.  There are pictures in the remodeling section.  I no longer have the 2000 Pace Arrow. 


You can do a basic mount by taking off the center upper door and putting a Flat screen mount on.

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