Dealing with a wet rag

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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
One of the long standing problems with many motorhome and RV designs is a suitable place or device to hang and dry wet towels and, yes , even wet rags.

After a couple of showers or a return from the beach what does one do with the wet towels.  Many upscale RV parks prohibit clotheslines, which means drying inside.

What do you use?
Steve said:
what does one do with the wet towels.? What do you use?

We installed a towel bar  behind the toilet.  Terry hangs his big  bath towel there and I use the  right side of it to dry wash clothes or rags used in cleaning.  Once dry we throw them into the  dirty clothes.  I used a  big stick on  hook on the inside of the washer dryer cupboard to use for dish towel.  Door  still closes well and towel has space to dry out.

You can always throw towels over the shower wall but I did not like the looks of that so I tried to do drying in "private."

I got a thing from CampingWorld to dry shower items if I have to shower in my RV.  It has a hanger hook at the top and about a half dozen fold-up spokes that drop down.  Each spoke has a couple clothespins on it.  I hang it from the knob of a Fantastic Vent and hang the washcloth, drying cloths from the bathroom, little rug I use to stand on to dry, couple other things.  When the spokes are down, it's about 18" in diameter.  It hangs down about 12", then the length of the stuff attached hangs below that to give some indication of the air space it will occupy.  It's really not bad in here, where I have a 24' rig that has maybe 14' of actual floor space.  It doesn't look much like a clothesline, if it could be discretely hung outside.  To store it, the spokes fold up sort of like an umbrella. 


Could you upload a photo of this towel drying gizmo for us to see?
We use a folding quilt rack. It takes up too much space. And i have to bunge it to the ladder, as a light wind will blow it over. I like the idea in the tips section in the July issue of Motorhome mag. pg. 80, called hang on.  But than, if i have to iron, i don't want to own it. Usually it's accectable if it's attach to the rig.

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I have 3 (and may put in a 4th) wet towl bars in my MH,  ONe next to the kitchen, this is a fold up bar that locks in the "Up" position

One in the shower (Same thing)  and a "extendable" thing in the half-bath that pulls out to give you quite a bit of drying space

There are also the arms for the awning,  One campground I visit does indeed prohibit cloths lines... But they allow awnings
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There are some great solutions to the problem.  If you can attach a photo of what you've done, it would be really helpful to see which idea would work best,

Steve:? catalog item # 24605, if this link doesn't work,350&skunum=24605

There was one review of the product on the CW website.  The reviewer said that even a wet washcloth bent the spoke, and several of the clips broke off in one day.  The guy must have been hanging a Chevy from the thing.  I have hung several wet items at a time, including a small rug, two sopping wet dishtowels, a washcloth, a couple drain covers, and nothing warped or bent or broke.  You do have to work on opposite sides to get it balanced.  It's a wheel on a single hook.  And it's plastic.  Anyway, there's only so much weight I'm willing to hang from my Fantastic Vent knob.  I often used two of the clips to spread something out.  The neat thing is it collapses and stores out of sight.  The downside is you have to find something from which to hang it that will give it clearance.

Pat I have one of those and have hung the drapes from it, those are the drapes that pull around inside the windshield on the motor home and nothing broke on it.  I hang it from the awning arm.  It collapses and stores easily.
Lorna:  I know, I guffawed, "They've got to be kidding," when I first saw the thing, but it has its place.  It's got quite a bit of hanging room.  I think I've seen them dangling from awnings.

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