Denali NP & Mt McKinley

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Apr 25, 2005
Hi Guys

Here are a few pics of Mt McKinley today, taken in clear blue skies.



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Good shot's. I've got a duplicate of the third one, taken in 2003 from exactly where you were standing. It's an awsome view! Did you get up early to get them. I was there at 6:15AM and by 7:15 the clouds had completely covered the mountain.

Chet 18013
Thanks Chet

We actually pulled into the viewing area at around 3pm, but had been looking at the range for approx 50 miles and it remained clear the whole way.

In fact, since we left Vancouver in early May, we have had 2 days (well about 2hrs on each) of light rain and around 3 days of very light cloud - other than that every day has been like in these pictures - FANTASTIC !!

We are heading to Fairbanks by the weekend, where they had snow last weekend - hopefully the blue skies will follow us.


When you get to Fairbanks, try the Chitna Marina Campground and ask for a water front space. You can sit in your RV and watch the float planes come and go right out the window. Besure and take the Gold Mine tour while there also.

You re really fortunate with the weather.  About 45% of the time we were there in 2003, it rained amd was overcast.

WOW!!! Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing!!

Jack, Liz, Grandson Cole and Oreo the cat

Parked at Abiqui Reservoir, NM
Speaking as an old Alaskan, you have no idea how lucky you were in that view.  The Denali tends to have his head in the clouds all summer.  The winter views great -- if you like 30 below weather. 8)

Yep, we had been told so many times and read so many articles on the internet concerning the clouds etc.

I just wish I had purchased the new super-zoom camera - but my fuji fine-pix did OK.

The weather has started to change today - the wind is very, very strong.

Of course, the commercial area is so dusty its near impossible to walk out in it - I just hope it has calmed down for our night out at the Cabin Nite Theatre tomorrow night.

We had a nice walk from the CG to the Visitor Centre yesterday, shown as 1 mile which was actually 2.5miles. We enjoyed a free shuttle to the sled dog demonstration (again free), which was well worth the 2hrs.

Tomorrow, we plan to use the free 1hr shuttle to Savage River, for a 2mile walk and the shuttle back again - I just hope Ann-Marie isnt expecting me to do the 2.5mile walk to the centre first.? ;D

Nice shots. Looks like there is not much snow in the hills for this time of year.

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