Dewinterizing Leak Problem

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Nov 26, 2005
I just bought a 2003 Pace Arrow from a person up north that had the RV winterized and then dewinterized when they delivered it to me.. Problem is that the water leaks when I turn on the pump...It only shows 1/4 full but when I attach the hose to fill it up the water comes out on the gravity side just as if it were full... It then will leak on the side with the pressure hose and black and grey water discharge.. I am not that familiar with the valves and am wondering if there is a valve going to the ice maker that they might have left open..Any Ideas?
Thanks, Scott
There are several possibilities, you need to locate the leak, Also I think you have described two problems.

First: "It only shows 1/4 full but when I try to add more it comes out" (Parapharsed)  Bad sensors. Somewhere on the water tank, likely where you can see it there are 4 wires, hooked to 4 studs.  It may be that 2 of these wires are broken (Note, no guarentee there are just 4, might be five or more) If so, a simple splice will get your sensors working again, Same color to same color.

These wires then go to a small plastic "Block" which contains electronics,  That might be bad

And then a single wire goes to your display panel, which may have problems

And that lights the lights, which may be bad (Really LED's)

I'm listing all possible issues more or less in order of likelihood.  LED's almost never go bad in this kind of service

Now the second problem, the leak in the "Wet" bay (So called cause it has the plumbing in it)

Is this water spurting out the city fill fitting?  If so remove the screen and you will see an "insert" which has a button like center press and release,  Some folks say turn pump off first so there is no pressure, I'm not sure that is necessary but then I've not had that problem.

Is it s slow drip?  There is a lot of plumbing behind that panel, and a pair of quick disconnect fittings (They are screw on but smaller than a garden hose) They are supposed to be hand tightened.. Mine were not all that tight, and one (at least) was dirpping,  There are many connections back there and one or more may be in need of tightening.  I tighetned several about a month ago and after doing that (And replacing one short run which froze and broke on the way here) I checked and saw something under the wet bay I'd never seen before  EVER, when pressurized.

Dry ground

No leaks

Not a one


This rig leaked from day one till 12/4/2006 (When I tightened the last leaking fitting)

Thanks for the info....My leak is coming out of the holes where the hot water and cold water run up into the tank... At least I think the tank is up....But it leaks thru the caulking that has cracked some....Thanks, Scott
.My leak is coming out of the holes where the hot water and cold water run up into the tank... At least I think the tank is up..
That's not your fresh water tank - hot water does not run to or from the water tank - cold water is supplied to the water heater and the hot piping starts from the heater outlet and goes to the various faucets in the rig, including the outside shower if it has one.

The ice maker water valve is on the back of the refrigerator and is electrically operated by the ice maker mechanism. That's not your problem.

One possibility is that the coach was inadequately winterized and a pipe has frozen and cracked somewhere near the bay with the water connections. However, it is also possible that your tank's air vent & overflow are on the top of the tank and either does not have a water discharge line or it is disconnected. That might let overflow water run across the top of the tank and down through whatever openings it can find. If you don't try to put anymore water in, will the pump pressurize the system and push water out through the open faucets? And does the leak stop after awhile and the water system keeps on working? If so, it sounds as though your only problem is that the gauge is wrong (and that's a pretty common problem).

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