Did Bigfoot vandalize an RV?

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  I think maybe there's a room reserved in this guy's name at the local Rehab Facility.  His girlfriend is at best an enabler or maybe a willing partner.
Luca1369 said:
I'll betcha it's just a publicity stunt.

I'd go as far to say that ALL bigfoot sightings are a publicity stunt.......except for the few drunks that see a hunter in a ghillie suit.
Pooh, this is nothing.  Me and Willa were attacked by the ''Masked Marauder'' down in Florida one night.  This marauder came with a harry covered body, a mask and it looked like he was dragging a large club of some sort.  He had the ability to walk on all fours, kinda of ''hunchback'' or to stand on his hind legs and show rows of white teeth and large claws on all four feet.  When he stood upright he would give threatening gestures and would ''hiss and scream'' at us.  In our defense, Willa threw two biscuits at him thru the kitchen window.  He was quick as lightning and it must have been mating season because he devoured one of  the biscuits and carried the other toward the swamp for probably his mate.  Being the man of the house I armed myself with a can of whip cream and a beer (two beers actually) and a flashlight, two jelly donuts, a can of sardines, (packed in mustard sauce), a sleeve of saltine crackers and a large hand full of roasted sun flower seeds (the salted kind) and bravely eased out the door as I heard his growl from the protection of the willows growing along side the river. 
''You be careful dear.......... Did you take your pills dear?''
''Never you mind my darling, I shall defend our homestead here in the RV park with everything I have including the can of sardines (packed in mustard sauce)''.........
Apparently my presence scared the savage creature (''LITTLE FOOT, WITH ALL THAT OTHER STUFF'') away from our camp sight that night but I got gas and indigestion real bad from eating all that stuff between naps in the reclining camp chair  Probably all the ''rumbling from me'' warned the creature away from our camp spot.
Anyhow, this is our story and we are stickin to it....

All part of the life and adventures of two old people camping on the Indian River down there in Florida for the winter because we are snow birds.........cj

God bless our troops and bring them home really soon .......cj
I had the chance to visit with a camper who was sure that he, too, had seen a Big Foot. Said it turned out to be his Brother-in-Law.

I have been waiting for many years to hear of a verified sighting. No luck so far. Every year, for perhaps 100 years or more, there have been millions of Deer, Elk, Bear, Sheep, small game, etc., hunters, plus how many fisherman, in all the hunting areas in almost every state for weeks at a time. If ever anyone actually finds a Big Foot, or even verified signs of one, I suspect it will be one the millions of hunters. I am not holding my breath waiting.

There is one Big Foot hunt every year that is successful however. I understand that the Big Foot Bar near Missoula Montana has an annual Big Foot hunt. A "Big Foot" is sent out into a small acreage to hide and after a time all of the bar patrons are sent out find it. When it is found the "Big Foot" has it's photo taken with the finder and both are treated to free drinks for the rest of the day. I understand that after these number of years there are a number of photos of the "Big Foot" with the finder on the wall of the bar.

Unfortunately this past year, I understand that Montana has forced the Big Foot Bar to buy a license to conduct the annual Big Foot Hunt since it is a commercial contest.
I could hear Big Foot crashing through the woods where I workamp in a remote location the past two  summers. I don't think he sees to well, because I can hear branches snapping, small trees crunching and heavy foot steps. I have snapped many pics of the woods trying to pour over them later looking for Big Foot.  I've heard him by day and at night.

One day I had company who had read my blog about Big Foot rumbling in the woods. Lo and behold, at some point during their stay, we heard the loud crashing through the woods. They turned to me almost white faced and asked is that Big Foot?

I was explaining that he was harmless, I had never seen him, just heard him, but they were hastily backing their car and leaving.  It wasn't even dark yet!
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