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Aug 22, 2006
Well we had our first trip last weekend in our new Springdale TT and all went great! The Arizona high counrty is beautiful this time of year! We have camped for a few years now in a tent and this was much more enjoyable. I will miss tent camping...............but not that much :)!

We have another trip up the the Arizona high country on November15. I live abot 360 miles away. So for convenience and because I have not found storage near my home I decided to store the TT up there. Before storing the TT I dumped the Black and Grey tanks the fresh water was at 2/3 full. While the pump was off I opened all faucets and disconnected the batterys. I plan on a quick weekend trip on November 4th. It was dropped off on October 15.

Now my concern is the the temps where I am storing the TT are getting down the the high 20's and the highs are in the 50's. Other than what is listed above I did nothing special to "winter-iz-it" 

I'm I going to have a problem with freezing???? Damage to the TT???? Should I go get it asap????

Please help!
Run some trailer antifreeze through your pipes and into the drain traps and you shoud be OK; also don't forget to drain your hot water heater.
If it is getting cold at night and warming up to 50 during the day, you may be OK.  I still would drain the tanks, including the water heater and drain the water from the low point drains.  If you could blow out your lines with come compressed air (gently) you should be OK.  We only run anti-freeze when we are not going out for a few weeks and the temps will be at or below freezing for a few days.  Otherwise, drain and blow.
Thank you all for your responces!

I ended up driving up on the 20th to check it out.

All was well!! We ended up staying the weekend.  It was wonderfull!

I bought all the equipment and blew out the lines before leaving it again. All these little trips are a great way to prepare for our 12 day stay in mid November, all dry camping! The list of stuff we forgot will be lot shorter.

Thanks again for helping the new guy out.

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