Diesel VS Gas

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Jul 10, 2005
Hello everyone we are new to the forum. Have a couple of question? We are looking to buy New/NEW-Used depending on prices of course.
We are in need to some of your experience.

For those of you who know of the Newer Class C Diesel 23-25ft w/slide. what kind of MPG can you expect?

Compare too the Newer Class C Gas 23-25ft w/slide. What kind of MPG can you expect?

More question to come! Want to be information before we buy!!!!!! ;D

There are too many variables to give a credible answer - weight, engine size, transmission, rear axle gearing, tire size, etc. all have a major effect on fuel economy.  Which diesel, which gas engine, what chassis, and on and on and on...

Generally, though, I would exect the diesel to yield better mpg hauling heavy loads.  For that size Class C, a typical  gas chassis might be a Ford E350 or E450 with a V10 engine and I would anticipate around 7-8 mpg.  Maybe 9 on a good day.  A typical diesel chassis would be a Chevy 3500 Duromax or Dodge 3500 Cummins and either should produce 10-11 mpg, maybe even more in good circumstances.
RV Roamer thanks for the info
? ? The variable's would be standard E450 24ft superslide. We are looking at right now. It seems to have everything we need except diesel. It comes with a V10.
I personally want a diesel but its hard to find one in that size. Talking to the RV dealer he said he cant move them. Due to the noise it makes in the cab. To me thats just a diesel and you have to expect some noise.

Thanks for the info and keep it coming.

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