Dimensions Inverter/Charger

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Nov 8, 2010
Looks like my Dimensions Inverter has failed again.  Just replaced with new one in 2010.  Last night I noticed the digital clock kept changing times.  I would reset it and a few minutes later it would be an hour or so off.  Two clocks, both doing the same thing.  Turned on a portable fan and it didn't sound right. Few minutes later all inverter power was off.  Checked all breakers and incoming power and all was fine.  I will bypass it later so I can operate but was wondering how much trouble it was to change over from a Dimensions to a different manufacturer. Seems I'm not having a lot of luck with Dimensions.  The thing that concerns me about switching is connection to the remote panel that is located over driver seat.  Be difficult to run a new cable through the coach I would imagine. Or are they pretty much all alike?  This is on a 2006 Allegro Bus. 
What sort of cable is it? Most use either a phone cable or a Lan cable for communication, so there is a chance a different brand could use the same cable. Unfortunately, the two types look alike to most people.

Dimensions has had a lot of quality problems, so changing to Magnum or even Xantrex is probably wise, even at the cost of a new remote.
Here's a link to a "typical" Dimensions Owner's Manual that's equipped with the battery charger (800 watts or higher model). 


When outfitted with the charger, the Dimensions has a transfer relay to switch from inverter to shore power.  Any replacement inverter would need some sort of transfer relay (internal or external).  The control panel is feed by a 8-conductor flat cable.  A replacement inverter would need 8 or fewer wires going to the control panel.  Some creative rewiring may be needed to make it all work.

This one has an eight conductor flat cable.  When I came in the next evening from work everything was fine again.  So I went into the inverter and re-did all the electrical connections.  Removed all wire nuts and made sure all had good connections and taped them up good.  But since then it dropped out for a few seconds one time and back on again.  Hasn't dropped out again in last two days.  Thinking I may have a ground connection problem some place.  Just not sure where. 
If thats the 2kw Dimensions, I replaced mine last year (but working) and you will have to replace the connectors, you can use the same wires. IIRC it's a standard RJ-11 phone jack, but the difference between the Dimensions and Magnum is that one needs the plug flipped.
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