Disappearing furnace

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Mar 4, 2005
When we were at the Travel Supreme factory for some warranty work on the fiver, one of the jobs was a new fan motor in the air conditioner.  That worked well, and gave us some relief from the +90 heat. 

Now we're in the cool mountains of Utah and tried to turn on the furnace the other night, only to find that it doesn't even show up on the electronic Comfort Control Center.  We called TS who, after some investigation decided that there is a dip switch up in the a/c which wasn't properly turned on by the guy who fixed it.  Now the control center thinks there's only the a/c and the heat strip.    TS were reluctant to tell us how to rectify this, as it's on the 120 circuit, and presumably they didn't want Dennis falling off the roof.  We're miles away from a Dometic dealer (makes of the control center).  Any ideas how to fix this?  E-mails to Dometic have been ignored so far.


John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
You could try a phone call... I have a couple of issues with Dometic stuff and they were as helpful over the phone as I could expect

(The nature of the problem limits what they can do over the phone)  Some times those switches are labeled, but if you have heat
I hope it's enough

My rig the instruction manual does not seem to match the operation on the HEVAC stuff
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