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Jun 28, 2005
Hanna City, Illinois
Has anyone been to the disney rv park in orlando? I cant remember the name but i think its disney outdoor adventure. Im going there in fubuary and was hoping to get some ideas on fun things to do there.
Ft. Wilderness is a great place. Some say its the best RV park in the country. I hope you already have your reservations. February 15-April 15  is their peak season and rates are higher (Spring Break). Lots of thing to do in the capground and of course at Disneyworld. Transportation to the parks picks you up at the entrance to each camping loop. Clean, clean, clean facilities. Check out these websites for more info:

We are staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground for 15 days in February.  At Christmas we were at Disney and visited the campground to see what it was like.  It is a very nice facility and we are anxious to make this our first experience with our new RV.  I had a very difficult time getting reservations at this late date.  You just have to keep trying either on the web site or by phone for cancellations.  The Orlando/Kissimmee KOA might be an alternative if you can't get into Disney and it is real close to all the action.
The TV program RV Today just did a special on Fort Wilderness and it looks great!  A little pricey, but that is true of most of the Florida RV parks.

Fort Wilderness is OK (from what we saw there walking round), but nothing that special (a bit better if you have kids).

We stayed at the Encore Resort at Sherwood Forest, which is a LOT cheaper than Disney (call them direct for best deals).

BUT, we found that the BEST place to stay was at one of the motels next to Old Town - their room rate is cheaper than the CGs and you park the RV in their parkind bays, no problem.

You can still cook etc in the RV if you wish.

Several of the motels offer free disney shuttles etc.

We're currently at Tropical Palms RV resort, approx 4 miles from Disneyworld on US192. Several of us are in their 'super sites', which means larger sites, more room and more $$. We leave for the Monaco rally in Orlando today, but we'd be happy to stay here next time we're in town.
Tom  thats where we stayed several times and really enjoyed it. Besides everything there is on 192 it seems, no matter what you are looking for.
Hi Shayne,

You're right that it's very convenient for everything.
Right now the Fort Wilderness rate is $46 per night. If you have to pay $10 for parking at Disney when staying at some other CG the equivalent rate would be $36. Ifyou can get free transportation to Disney then the $10 doesn't apply. What does Tropical Palms Charge?
judway said:
What does Tropical Palms Charge?

Hi Wayne, we paid $230 (including tax) for 4 nights at Tropical Palms last week. That makes $46 at Fort Wilderness look cheap!
Tom said:
Hi Wayne, we paid $230 (including tax) for 4 nights at Tropical Palms last week. That makes $46 at Fort Wilderness look cheap!

We've stayed at FW six nights on two occasions since September.  By the time you add in the "deluxe" site (location & cable TV) and pay taxes, it runs about $65 per night.
We stayed at Fort Wilderness during the 2006 pre-Christmas time period and paid $48 plus tax. We had full hookup and satellite. Did not need to upgrade the site. We paid a total of $216.48 for four nights. At the present time rate of $46 the cost of 4 nights of full hookup should be $207.46. The upgraded site ($55) should cost 248.05 for four nights. These rates are only for the present period. Check it out.

This is where I got my information.

Thanks for the rate info!  We were there during the "value period."

Edit:  Their rates may be off a little.  We were last there 11/9-12/2006 and had a base rate of $57.00 per night.  That's $4.00 more than they show for the 2006 rate and $2.00 more than they show for the 2007 rate.

Sales tax and resort tax added another 12.5% for a total of $64.12 per night for us.
We really love Fort Wilderness. If you get a chance, go to The Lodge by boat for dinner.
It's not really pricey with the amount of food you get. The waiters and waitresses are a hoot.
They are a floor show of their own.
If you have dogs, they have a special pet area you will stay in. They have walking trails and doggie bags everywhere LOL
Everynight they have a campfire, sing along songs and a movie. We enjoyed that even as adults.
We usually rent a golf cart.  It's so nice too because while you are at Disney world if you buy anything they will send it to the General store at the campground so you don't have to carry it through the park. That was really nice.
If you call and they are booked up. Call every morning about 10 a.m. eastern time, that's a good time to hit a cancellation.
You will have a good time!
It is a great place to stay. Again.. depending what you are looking for in an RV Park. But it is highly recommended. Last time I was there was 2 years ago in February. We had a great time. The only thing that I noticed is that when you go anywhere North of I-4 it is much colder than south of it. WE stayed in SW Florida right after Fort Wilderness and it was about 5 degrees warmer
I just made reservations there for Christmas week of 2007-my rate is $89.00 per night plus taxi-but that is one of their peak times. The last time we stayed at Ft. Wilderness was about 8 years ago and we stayed for $39.00 a night during the peak season.
You'll love Ft. Wilderness!  We've been there a couple of times and will be taking all the grandkids, plus two of our own and their spouses (not the grandkids' parents!) there in June.  Better get those reservations in!!!!!!  If you like fishing, take a rod and reel because the fishing is great in Lake Buena Vista!!!!

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