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May 29, 2019
Hi all, new to RVs...  I have just purchased our first RV. It has a very small bathroom and i have growing boys. They sleep on the double bunks but theres really no where to change clothes for them unless they go up where my bed is and pull the curtain. I'm fine with that but think they would be happier if they had an area back where their bunks and clothes are stored. I've been looking at it and think that if i can find one, i could put in a ~3ft ceiling curtain strip across the opening to their area just past the fridge (right side) and the dinette (left side). I just don't know where to buy the strip nor how to mount it. In my home, once I had a strip, I'd just find the studs under the drywall and screw/bolt to those. But how is the ceiling of the RV made? I don't want to mess it up (assuming i can get the strip i want/need...) Anyone have experience with this? What's your advice?
How about a spring loaded curtain rod?  Or maybe a closet rod that could be mounted to opposing walls?  Depending on the wall material/construction, you could use wall anchors or even short toggle bolts to secure the heavier rod.  A stout enough spring loaded rod wouldn?t even require mounting hardware.
We installed a similar system around a portapotty. You can buy ceiling strips from a RV dealer though they might have to look it up in their catalog. You can see examples in some pop up campers.
We  use a spring loaded curtain rod in the opening to the bathroom.  My DW and I both hate the pocket door there and never use it.
There are a lot of ceiling curtain tracks on amazon like this that might work with a shower curtain or similar
Isaac-1 said:
There are a lot of ceiling curtain tracks on amazon like this that might work with a shower curtain or similar
Thanks for the link. I used it to find this one which is very similar to what we used.

Ours was adjustable for length (just cut off what you need to find tune it), and it attached directly to the ceiling with small screws. But it was much less expensive through the RV store than the link I just posted from Amazon.
Command strips (the stick on), cloths line, etc.  If you can sew, some opaque fabric and Velcro tabs. 
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