Do All 1-Ton 4x4 Trucks Need to be "Lowered"

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Jul 29, 2006
Evansville, IN
Hi - Have been reading that many people have had to "lower" their 4x4 1 ton trucks to get more clearance between the truck bed rails and the fifth wheel.  How common is this problem, do all brands require this, how expensive/intensive is the modification, and are there any "side effects"?

I have that problem as well..  I am not sure that will fix the problem.. I have asked a lot of people and have not got a good answer... I have a two dents from the first times out.. Now I know what to watch for and not to get into those situations.....  Keep us informed if you do find out what to do...
Used to be that a stock truck (Ford, Chevy, or Dodge) had enough bed clearance from the factory, but the newer 06 and 07 models are being equipped with monster tires (20" and or 22") and is causing this problem more and more.  The solutions are to  1) lower the truck  2) Flip the axle on the 5th wheel (although more and more stock 5th wheels are preflipped)  3) Place 2 -4' spacers between the spring and axle and get longer U - Bolts to raise the 5th wheel  and 4) There is a 2 - 4 " adjustment that can be made to the KINGPIN hitch and you should be able to lower the hitch thereby increasing the truck BED clearance.  Look at your axels on your 5th wheel if they are NOT flipped then the axle will be sitting OVER the leaf springs, if thats the case you can have the axels flipped and they can move the axel UNDER the spring to get you about 2" additional ground / Bed clearance.  If they are already flipped then you can look into the spacer option #3 above.  T.M.I. ?!?!?

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