do you have an idea on cooking caribou

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;D? ? First, ya gotta bag one.? ?Next, like all wonderful red meats you might apply recipes to favored regions and dietary desires.? ?Don't be afraid.? Experiment.? Enjoy.? And, if you come up with a specific recipe you like.? ?Please let all of us know.?

In other words....... Perhaps I should say that the most likely recipes to follow would be those for beef (in the tribe of the mild) or elk (for the tribe of the hunter).?

Do not neglect to try out jerky recipes and also those of the more delicate organs.? You will be greatly surprised.


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A Google search will yield some recipes. I can offer that the best way we found to use Caribou is in a sausage...never found a "good" way to cook it otherwise.........
Caribou is similar to venison for which there are a number of recipies.  The meat is not quite as gamey as venison tho and has a bit more fat.  It is exactly equivalent to reindeer and nordic cookbooks may be a source of good recipies.
Allright I have the caribou meat . Well I must say that I didn't go to Canada and shot one but my friend did and he gave me some steaks . ground hamberg and cubes. This weekend i will make some kabobs. will marinate the cubes and see what happens. If you hear about a man in Pennsylvania who got food poising from caribou . Well guess who...
Let us know how you like it!  I suspect you will find it excellent.  I've never cooked it but I have ate it at a restaurant in Canada and enjoyed it.  At home , we have cooked elk, deer and buffalo that have also been very good.  A lot of the times, the quality of the meat is dependent on how the hunter handled it.  One needs to field dress it quickly, not haul it around to show off.
I use venison the same as I use beef.  I mostly make fajitas, steaks and stew.  I also grind it for chili and we make our own sausage.  Dh shot an aoudad last year.  Even the backstrap was tough.  Our favorite is axis deer.  The meat has a milder flavor than whitetail, and it's more tender.

Well I just had the caribou . It was cubes and I marinated them . I was going to make kabobs but I couldn't wait to try it. The marinate was from texas I don't remember the name but it was a mesquite and liquid smoke  taste to it. I ended up marinating the meat for four days. I must say it was very good. I would order at a restaurant any time. I was told to cook it with high heat and be very carfull it will cook fast. Caribou will dry out fast when it is cooked to long.
I have some steaks to try. I will throw them on a grill.
Ewell Gibbons.  Not sure whether the aspen leaf thing is legend or fact though.

Caribou...  First skin it.  Gut it, stuff cavity with sage, rosmary dressing.  Build big fire pit and roast.  Serves about 300.

Sorry....  just getting my wise-arse fill for the morning.

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