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Apr 13, 2012
Lancaster, PA
I have a 1984 Chieftain. The doghouse is a pain to lift. I usually have to do it myself. Anyone have any tricks to lift the engine cover?

My rig is a '96 Adventurer. Would imagine there is no easy way to get that puppy off and back out of the way. For my CA smog checks I find that some test stations charge extra if they have to remove it - whereas other do not. Mine is latched on the rear side and requires a 5/8" allen to undo. One mechanic that did work on my engine gave me a nice longer one than most that makes it easier to unhook.

If I have to do it my self, I unhook it - then slide it back vs. trying to pick it up. Then slide it back when I replace it.
Hey Bob,

Thanks for the ideas. I may make a little pulley system (attach it to the bed above the front seats), anchor 4 small permanent eyebolts to the house and voila- I can lift it right up and out of the way. I will post some pics if I perform this winter project.

Regarding lifting the doghouse. If yours is like the newer ones you will have to slide it back some before it can be lifted. There are a couple of flat metal pieces on the front that slide under the metal floor.

I have removed mine several times and it isn't that heavy - maybe 25 or 30 pounds.
The cover is an older design. I would estimate it at 50 pounds, bulky and at an odd angle for my back (I have1 bulging disc and 2 slipped discs).  I am strong and have wrestled 250lb guys to the ground. My back is now vulnerable to injury.



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