Dolphin 634D water tank help

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Nov 19, 2012
Shelter Cove, CA
I don't see any place to pour water into my water tank on my 1994 Dolphin.  All I see is a place to attach a pressured garden hose.  How can I add water to my tank from a hand carried jug? 
Same on my Winnebago.  We tend to dry camp a lot so what did was to use the winterization siphon hose. My tank is right under our bed, hose easily reaches a 5 gallon jug.

At least in my case I don't think I could just dump into the tank through the hose attachment, even if I flip the to fill position.  I suppose you could try it and see if it works in your case.  Need to place the jug on a ladder or something higher, which I've done with the gravity fill types.
My Damon Intruder is set up the same way - no external fill on the freshwater tank, just a valve you turn to fill it from the pressurized city water inlet.

I got an inexpensive 12 volt water pump from Harbor Freight, attached a short hose to the inlet and a garden hose to the outlet through an adapter and use it to pump water into the city water inlet.  Works great.
My Dutch Star is set up so that I can turn a couple of valves and fill the tank from a separate suction hose using the installed water pump.  If I use the liquid antifreeze method of winterizing, it uses the same setup only with slightly different valve settings.

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