Dometic fridge won't go to A/C

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Jul 22, 2005
I have a dometic 2-way fridge in my '96 Gulfstream. Last year I had a few times when I had to reset the power button to get it to select AC when set on "auto". Now this year, it will not go to AC at all. It tries to go to gas every time. Is this a display.control panel problem, or a fuse somewhere? The manual talks of a "limp mode" but i do not understand it. Any suggestions as to what is wrong? what is the approx. cost of a new panel? Thanks in advance.

Perhaps a better question would be "Who hasn't had this problem?" ;)

The problem is usually one of two things: The controller board, or the 'eyebrow' above the doors. The controller board is outside, in the access panel for the fridge, an is a plastic box about 6" x 5" x 1 1/2". Has a bunch of wires going into it. This is the most common problem component, and Dinosaur Electronics makes a replacement for it that is better than the original. They DON'T sell direct, but many RV stores carry them or can order them. The eyebrow can be obtained both new and used from the same places; but try the controller board first. It's pretty simple to replace it yourself.
Before buying anything I would take a light outside and plug it into the 110 outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into to verify that it is getting power.
I had a hot water problem last weekend, Would not work on AC.

Finally got around to checking it out, Step one was inspect the circuit breaker feeding the hot water heater

Step two was to turn it on.. . Yup, I'd turned it off as a safety measure for the winter.


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